Irish elk. (Zoöl.) See under Elk.Irish moss. (a) (Bot.) Carrageen. (b) A preparation of the same made into a blanc mange.Irish poplin. See Poplin.Irish potato, the ordinary white potato, so called because it is a favorite article of food in Ireland.Irish reef, or Irishman's reef (Naut.), the head of a sail tied up.Irish stew, meat, potatoes, and onions, cut in small pieces and stewed.

(I*rish"), n. sing. & pl.

1. pl. The natives or inhabitants of Ireland, esp. the Celtic natives or their descendants.

2. The language of the Irish; the Hiberno- Celtic.

3. An old game resembling backgammon.

(I*rish"ism) n. A mode of speaking peculiar to the Irish; an Hibernicism.

(I"rish*man) n.; pl. Irishmen A man born in Ireland or of the Irish race; an Hibernian.

Irishman's hurricane(Naut.), a dead calm.Irishman's reef. (Naut.) See Irish reef, under Irish, a.

(I"rish*ry) n. The Celtic people of Ireland. "The whole Irishry of rebels." Milton.

(||I*ri"tis) n. [NL. See Iris, and -itis.] (Med.) An inflammation of the iris of the eye.

(Irk) v. t. [OE. irken to tire, become tired; cf. Sw. yrka to urge, enforce, press, or G. ekel disgust, MHG. erklich disgusting; perh. akin to L. urgere to urge, E. urge.] To weary; to give pain; to annoy; — used only impersonally at present.

To see this sight, it irks my very soul.

It irketh him to be here.
M. Arnold.

(Irk"some) a.

1. Wearisome; tedious; disagreeable or troublesome by reason of long continuance or repetition; as, irksome hours; irksome tasks.

For not to irksome toil, but to delight,
He made us.

2. Weary; vexed; uneasy. [Obs.]

Let us therefore learn not to be irksome when God layeth his cross upon us.

Syn. — Wearisome; tedious; tiresome; vexatious; burdensome. — Irksome, Wearisome, Tedious. These epithets describe things which give pain or disgust. Irksome is applied to something which disgusts by its nature or quality; as, an irksome task. Wearisome denotes that which wearies or wears us out by

(I"ris*a`ted) a. [See Iris.] Exhibiting the prismatic colors; irised; iridescent. W. Phillips.

(I"ri*scope) n. [Iris + - scope.] A philosophical toy for exhibiting the prismatic tints by means of thin films.

(I"rised) a. [See Iris.] Having colors like those of the rainbow; iridescent. Holmes.

(I"rish) a. [AS. risc, fr. ras the Irish. Cf. Aryan, Erse.] Of or pertaining to Ireland or to its inhabitants; produced in Ireland.

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