Intercalary day(Med.), one on which no paroxysm of an intermittent disease occurs. Mayne.

(In*ter"ca*late) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Intercalated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Intercalating ] [L. intercalatus, p. p. of intercalare to intercalate to intercalate; inter between + calare to call, proclaim. See Calendar.]

1. (Chron.) To insert, as a day or other portion of time, in a calendar.

2. To insert among others, as a verse in a stanza; specif. (Geol.), to introduce as a bed or stratum, between the layers of a regular series of rocks.

Beds of fresh-water shells . . . are intercalated and interstratified with the shale.

(In*ter`ca*la"tion) n. [L. intercalatio: cf. F. intercalation.]

1. (Chron.) The insertion of a day, or other portion of time, in a calendar.

2. The insertion or introduction of anything among others, as the insertion of a phrase, line, or verse in a metrical composition; specif. (Geol.), the intrusion of a bed or layer between other layers.

Intercalations of fresh-water species in some localities.

(In`ter*ca*rot"id) a. (Anat.) Situated between the external and internal carotid arteries; as, an intercarotid ganglion.

(In`ter*car"pal) a. (Anat.) Between the carpal bone; as, intercarpal articulations, ligaments.

(In`ter*ax"al) a. (Arch.) Situated in an interaxis. Gwilt.

(In`ter*ax"il*la*ry) a. (Bot.) Situated within or between the axils of leaves.

(In`ter*ax"is) n.; pl. Interaxes (Arch.) The space between two axes. See Axis, 6.

The doors, windows, niches, and the like, are then placed centrally in the interaxes.

(In`ter*bas*ta"tion) n. [Pref. inter- + baste to sew.] Patchwork. [Obs.] Dr. J. Smith.

(In`ter*brach"i*al) a. (Zoöl.) Between the arms.

(In`ter*brain`) n. (Anat.) See Thalamencephalon.

(In`ter*bran"chi*al) a. (Zoöl.) Between the branchiæ.

(In`ter*breed") v. t. & i. To breed by crossing different stocks of animals or plants.

(In*ter"ca*lar) a. Intercalary.

(In*ter"ca*la*ry) a. [L. intercalaris, intercalarius: cf. F. intercalaire. See Intercalate.]

1. (Chron.) Inserted or introduced among others in the calendar; as, an intercalary month, day, etc.; — now applied particularly to the odd day (Feb. 29) inserted in the calendar of leap year. See Bissextile, n.

2. Introduced or inserted among others; additional; supernumerary. "Intercalary spines." Owen.

This intercalary line . . . is made the last of a triplet.

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