Intelligence office, an office where information may be obtained, particularly respecting servants to be hired.

Syn. — Understanding; intellect; instruction; advice; notice; notification; news; information; report.

(In*tel"li*gen*cer) n. One who, or that which, sends or conveys intelligence or news; a messenger.

All the intriguers in foreign politics, all the spies, and all the intelligencers . . . acted solely upon that principle.

(In*tel"li*gen*cing) a. Informing; giving information; talebearing. [Obs.] Shak.

That sad intelligencing tyrant.

(In*tel"li*gen*cy) n. Intelligence. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(In*tel"li*gent) a. [L. intelligens, intellegens, -entis, p. pr. of intelligere, intellegere, to perceive; inter between + legere to gather, collect, choose: cf. F. intelligent. See Legend.]

(In`tel*lec`tu*al"i*ty) n. [L. intellectualitas: cf. F. intellectualité.] Intellectual powers; possession of intellect; quality of being intellectual.

(In`tel*lec"tu*al*ize) v. t.

1. To treat in an intellectual manner; to discuss intellectually; to reduce to intellectual form; to express intellectually; to idealize.

Sentiment is intellectualized emotion.

2. To endow with intellect; to bestow intellectual qualities upon; to cause to become intellectual.

(In`tel*lec"tu*al*ly), adv. In an intellectual manner.

(In*tel"li*gence) n. [F. intelligence, L. intelligentia, intellegentia. See Intelligent.]

1. The act or state of knowing; the exercise of the understanding.

2. The capacity to know or understand; readiness of comprehension; the intellect, as a gift or an endowment.

And dimmed with darkness their intelligence.

3. Information communicated; news; notice; advice.

Intelligence is given where you are hid.

4. Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity. [Obs.]

He lived rather in a fair intelligence than any friendship with the favorites.

5. Knowledge imparted or acquired, whether by study, research, or experience; general information.

I write as he that none intelligence
Of meters hath, ne flowers of sentence.
Court of Love.

6. An intelligent being or spirit; — generally applied to pure spirits; as, a created intelligence. Milton.

The great Intelligences fair
That range above our mortal state,
In circle round the blessed gate,
Received and gave him welcome there.

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