Causes of instance, those which proceed at the solicitation of some party. Hallifax.Court of first instance, the court by which a case is first tried.For instance, by way of example or illustration.Instance Court(Law), the Court of Admiralty acting within its ordinary jurisdiction, as distinguished from its action as a prize court.

Syn. — Example; case. See Example.

(In"stance) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Instanced ; p. pr. & vb. n. Instancing ] To mention as a case or example; to refer to; to cite; as, to instance a fact. H. Spenser.

I shall not instance an abstruse author.

(In"stance), v. i. To give an example. [Obs.]

This story doth not only instance in kingdoms, but in families too.
Jer. Taylor.

(In"stan*cy) n. Instance; urgency. [Obs.]

Those heavenly precepts which our Lord and Savior with so great instancy gave.

(In"stant) a. [L. instans, -antis, p. pr. of instare to stand upon, to press upon; pref. in- in, on + stare to stand: cf. F. instant. See Stand.]

1. Pressing; urgent; importunate; earnest.

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.
Rom. xii. 12.

I am beginning to be very instant for some sort of occupation.

2. Closely pressing or impending in respect to time; not deferred; immediate; without delay.

Impending death is thine, and instant doom.

3. Present; current.

The instant time is always the fittest time.

The word in this sense is now used only in dates, to indicate the current month; as, the tenth of July instant.

(In"stant), adv. Instantly. [Poetic]

Instant he flew with hospitable haste.

(In"stant), n. [F. instant, fr. L. instans standing by, being near, present. See Instant, a.]

3. Occasion; order of occurrence.

These seem as if, in the time of Edward I., they were drawn up into the form of a law, in the first instance.
Sir M. Hale.

4. That which offers itself or is offered as an illustrative case; something cited in proof or exemplification; a case occurring; an example.

Most remarkable instances of suffering.

5. A token; a sign; a symptom or indication. Shak.

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