Centrifugal inflorescence, determinate inflorescence.Centripetal inflorescence, indeterminate inflorescence. See under Determinate, and Indeterminate.

(In*flow") v. i. To flow in. Wiseman.

(In"flu*ence) n. [F. influence, fr. L. influens, -entis, p. pr. See Influent, and cf. Influenza.]

1. A flowing in or upon; influx. [Obs.]

God hath his influence into the very essence of all things.

2. Hence, in general, the bringing about of an effect, physical or moral, by a gradual process; controlling power quietly exerted; agency, force, or tendency of any kind which affects, modifies, or sways; as, the

2. Inflexible. [R.] "Foes inflexive." Chapman.

(In*flex"ure) n. An inflection; a bend or fold. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(In*flict") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Inflicted; p. pr. & vb. n. Inflicting.] [L. inflictus, p. p. of infligere to strike on, to inflict; pref. in- in, on + fligere to strike. Cf. Flail.] To give, cause, or produce by striking, or as if by striking; to apply forcibly; to lay or impose; to send; to cause to bear, feel, or suffer; as, to inflict blows; to inflict a wound with a dagger; to inflict severe pain by ingratitude; to inflict punishment on an offender; to inflict the penalty of death on a criminal.

What heart could wish, what hand inflict, this dire disgrace?

The persecution and the pain
That man inflicts on all inferior kinds.

(In*flict"er) n. One who inflicts.

God is the sole and immediate inflicter of such strokes.

(In*flic"tion) n. [L. inflictio: cf. F. infliction.]

1. The act of inflicting or imposing; as, the infliction of torment, or of punishment.

2. That which is inflicted or imposed, as punishment, disgrace, calamity, etc.

His severest inflictions are in themselves acts of justice and righteousness.

(In*flict"ive) a. [Cf. F. inflictif.] Causing infliction; acting as an infliction. Whitehead.

(In`flo*res"cence) n. [L. inflorescens, p. pr. of inflorescere to begin to blossom; pref. in- in + florescere to begin to blossom: cf. F. inflorescence. See Florescent.]

1. A flowering; the putting forth and unfolding of blossoms.

2. (Bot.) (a) The mode of flowering, or the general arrangement and disposition of the flowers with reference to the axis, and to each other. (b) An axis on which all the buds are flower buds.

Inflorescence affords an excellent characteristic mark in distinguishing the species of plants.

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