Indeterminate analysis(Math.), that branch of analysis which has for its object the solution of indeterminate problems.Indeterminate coefficients(Math.), coefficients arbitrarily assumed for convenience of calculation, or to facilitate some artifice of analysis. Their values are subsequently determined. Indeterminate equation(Math.), an equation in which the unknown quantities admit of an infinite number of values, or sets of values. A group of equations is indeterminate when it contains more unknown quantities than there are equations.Indeterminate inflorescence(Bot.), a mode of inflorescence in which the flowers all arise from axillary buds, the terminal bud going on to grow and sometimes continuing the stem indefinitely; — called also acropetal, botryose, centripetal, &and indefinite inflorescence. Gray.Indeterminate problem(Math.), a problem which admits of an infinite number of solutions, or one in which there are fewer imposed conditions than there are unknown or required results.Indeterminate quantity(Math.), a quantity which has no fixed value, but which may be varied in accordance with any proposed condition.Indeterminate series(Math.), a series whose terms proceed by the powers of an indeterminate quantity, sometimes also with indeterminate exponents, or indeterminate coefficients.

Independentism to Indicator

(In`de*pend"ent*ism) n. Independency; the church system of Independents. Bp. Gauden.

(In`de*pend"ent*ly), adv. In an independent manner; without control.

(In`de*pos"a*ble) a. Incapable of being deposed. [R.]

Princes indeposable by the pope.
Bp. Stillingfleet.

(In*dep"ra*vate) a. [L. indepravatus.] Undepraved. [R.] Davies (Holy Roode).

(In*dep"re*ca*ble) a. [L. indeprecabilis. See In- not, and Deprecate.] Incapable or undeserving of being deprecated. Cockeram.

(In*dep`re*hen"si*ble) a. [L. indeprehensibilis. See In- not, and Deprehensible.] Incapable of being found out. Bp. Morton.

(In`de*priv"a*ble) a. Incapable of being deprived, or of being taken away.

(In`de*scrib"a*ble), a. Incapable of being described.In`de*scrib"a*bly, adv.

(In`de*scrip"tive) a. Not descriptive.

(In`de*sert") n. Ill desert. [R.] Addison.

(In*des"i*nent) a. [L. indesinens. See In- not, and Desinent.] Not ceasing; perpetual. [Obs.] Baxter.In*des"i*nent*ly, adv. [Obs.] Ray.

(In`de*sir"a*ble) a. Undesirable.

(In`de*struc`ti*bil"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. indestructibilité.] The quality of being indestructible.

(In`de*struc"ti*ble), a. [Pref. in- not + destructible: cf. F. indestructible.] Not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed.In`de*struc"ti*ble*ness, n.In`de*struc"ti*bly, adv.

(In`de*ter"mi*na*ble) a. [L. indeterminabilis: cf. F. indéterminable. See In- not, and Determine.] Not determinable; impossible to be determined; not to be definitely known, ascertained, defined, or limited.In`de*ter"mi*na*bly, adv.

(In`de*ter"mi*na*ble), n. An indeterminable thing or quantity. Sir T. Browne.

(In`de*ter"mi*nate) a. [L. indeterminatus.] Not determinate; not certain or fixed; indefinite; not precise; as, an indeterminate number of years. Paley.

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