Inclose to Incommode

(In*close") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Inclosed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Inclosing.] [See Enclose, and cf. Include.] [Written also enclose.]

1. To surround; to shut in; to confine on all sides; to include; to shut up; to encompass; as, to inclose a fort or an army with troops; to inclose a town with walls.

How many evils have inclosed me round!

2. To put within a case, envelope, or the like; to fold (a thing) within another or into the same parcel; as, to inclose a letter or a bank note.

The inclosed copies of the treaty.
Sir W. Temple.

3. To separate from common grounds by a fence; as, to inclose lands. Blackstone.

4. To put into harness; to harness. [Obs.]

They went to coach and their horse inclose.

(In*clos"er) n. One who, or that which, incloses; one who fences off land from common grounds.

(In*clo"sure) n. [See Inclose, Enclosure.] [Written also enclosure.]

1. The act of inclosing; the state of being inclosed, shut up, or encompassed; the separation of land from common ground by a fence.

2. That which is inclosed or placed within something; a thing contained; a space inclosed or fenced up.

Within the inclosure there was a great store of houses.

3. That which incloses; a barrier or fence.

Breaking our inclosures every morn.
W. Browne.

(In*cloud") v. t. To envelop as in clouds; to darken; to obscure. Milton.

(In*clude") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Included; p. pr. & vb. n. Including.] [L. includere, inclusum; pref. in- in + claudere to shut. See Close, and cf. Enclose.]

1. To confine within; to hold; to contain; to shut up; to inclose; as, the shell of a nut includes the kernel; a pearl is included in a shell.

2. To comprehend or comprise, as a genus the species, the whole a part, an argument or reason the inference; to contain; to embrace; as, this volume of Shakespeare includes his sonnets; he was included in the invitation to the family; to and including page twenty-five.

The whole included race, his purposed prey.

The loss of such a lord includes all harm.

3. To conclude; to end; to terminate. [Obs.]

Come, let us go; we will include all jars
With triumphs, mirth, and rare solemnity.

Syn. — To contain; inclose; comprise; comprehend; embrace; involve.

(In*clud"ed) a. Inclosed; confined.

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