Immediate amputation(Surg.), an amputation performed within the first few hours after an injury, and before the the effects of the shock have passed away.

Syn. — Proximate; close; direct; next.

(Im*me"di*ate*ly) adv.

1. In an immediate manner; without intervention of any other person or thing; proximately; directly; — opposed to mediately; as, immediately contiguous.

God's acceptance of it either immediately by himself, or mediately by the hands of the bishop.

2. Without interval of time; without delay; promptly; instantly; at once.

And Jesus . . . touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
Matt. viii. 3.

3. As soon as. Cf. Directly, 8, Note.

Syn. — Directly; instantly; quickly; forthwith; straightway; presently. See Directly.

(Im*me"di*ate*ness), n. The quality or relations of being immediate in manner, place, or time; exemption from second or interventing causes. Bp. Hall.

(Im*me"di*a*tism) n. Immediateness.

(Im*med"i*ca*ble) a. [L. Immedicabilis. See In- not, and Medicable.] Not to be healed; incurable. "Wounds immedicable." Milton.

(Im`me*lo"di*ous) a. Not melodious.

(Im*mem"o*ra*ble) a. [L. immemorabilis; pref. im- not + memorabilis memorable: cf. F. immémorable. See Memorable.] Not memorable; not worth remembering. Johnson.

Immeasured to Immodestly

(Im*meas"ured) a. Immeasurable. [R.] Spenser.

(Im`me*chan"ic*al) a. Not mechanical. [Obs.] Cheyne.Im"me*chan"ic*al*ly, adv. [Obs.]

(Im*me"di*a*cy) n. The relation of freedom from the interventionof a medium; immediateness. Shak.

(Im*me"di*ate) a. [F. immédiat. See In- not, and Mediate.]

1. Not separated in respect to place by anything intervening; proximate; close; as, immediate contact.

You are the most immediate to our throne.

2. Not deferred by an interval of time; present; instant. "Assemble we immediate council." Shak.

Death . . . not yet inflicted, as he feared,
By some immediate stroke.

3. Acting with nothing interposed or between, or without the intervention of another object as a cause, means, or agency; acting, perceived, or produced, directly; as, an immediate cause.

The immediate knowledge of the past is therefore impossible.
Sir. W. Hamilton.

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