(Hy`po*chon"dri*asm) n. (Med.) Hypochondriasis. [R.]

(||Hy`po*chon"dri*um) n.; pl. L. Hypochondria E. Hypochondriums [L., fr. Gr. from under the cartilage of the breastbone; under + cartilage.] (Anat.) Either of the hypochondriac regions.

(Hy`po*chon"dry) n. Hypochondriasis.

(Hyp"o*cist) n. [Gr. a plant growing on the roots of the Cistus.] An astringent inspissated juice obtained from the fruit of a plant (Cytinus hypocistis), growing from the roots of the Cistus, a small European shrub.

(||Hy`po*clei"di*um) n.; pl. L. Hypocleida E. Hypocleidiums [NL., fr. Gr. under + a little key.] (Anat.) A median process on the furculum, or merrythought, of many birds, where it is connected with the sternum.

(Hyp`o*co*ris"tic) a. [Gr. under + to caress.] Endearing; diminutive; as, the hypocoristic form of a name.

The hypocoristic or pet form of William.
Dr. Murray.

(Hyp`o*cra*ter"i*form) a. [Pref. hypo- + krath`r cup + -form.] (Bot.) hypocraterimorphous; salver- shaped. Wood.

(Hyp`o*cra*ter`i*mor"phous) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. krath`r bowl + morfh` form.] (Bot.) Salver-shaped; having a slender tube, expanding suddenly above into a bowl-shaped or spreading border, as in the blossom of the phlox and the lilac.

(Hy*poc"ri*sy) n.; pl. Hypocrisies (- siz). [OE. hypocrisie, ypocrisie, OF. hypocrisie, ypocrisie, F. hypocrisie, L. hypocrisis, fr. Gr. "ypo`krisis the playing a part on the stage, simulation, outward show, fr. "ypokr`nesqai to answer on the stage, to play a part; "ypo` under + kri`nein to decide; in the middle voice, to dispute, contend. See Hypo-, and Critic.] The act or practice of a hypocrite; a feigning to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not feel; a dissimulation, or a concealment of one's real character, disposition, or motives; especially, the assuming of false appearance of virtue or religion; a simulation of goodness.

Hypocrisy is the necessary burden of villainy.

Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.
La Rochefoucauld

(Hyp"o*crite) n. [F., fr. L. hypocrita, Gr. one who plays a part on the stage, a dissembler, feigner. See Hypocrisy.] One who plays a part; especially, one who, for the purpose of winning approbation of favor, puts on a fair outside seeming; one who feigns to be other and better than he is; a false pretender to virtue or piety; one who simulates virtue or piety.

The hypocrite's hope shall perish.
Job viii. 13.

I dare swear he is no hypocrite, but prays from his heart.

Syn. — Deceiver; pretender; cheat. See Dissembler.

(Hyp"o*crite*ly), adv. Hypocritically. [R.] Sylvester.

(Hyp`o*crit"ic) a. See Hypocritical. Swift.

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