. See Italian millet, under Millet.

(Hun"ga*ry) n. A country in Central Europe, now a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Hungary water, a distilled "water," made from dilute alcohol aromatized with rosemary flowers, etc.

(Hun"ger) n. [AS. hungor; akin to OFries. hunger, D. honger, OS. & OHG. hungar, G. hunger, Icel. hungr, Sw. & Dan. hunger, Goth. hhrus hunger, huggrjan to hunger.]

1. An uneasy sensation occasioned normally by the want of food; a craving or desire for food.

The sensation of hunger is usually referred to the stomach, but is probably dependent on excitation of the sensory nerves, both of the stomach and intestines, and perhaps also on indirect impressions from other organs, more or less exhausted from lack of nutriment.

2. Any strong eager desire.

O sacred hunger of ambitious minds!

For hunger of my gold I die.

(Hun"ger), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hungered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Hungering.] [OE. hungren, AS. hyngrian. See Hunger, n.]

1. To feel the craving or uneasiness occasioned by want of food; to be oppressed by hunger.

2. To have an eager desire; to long.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteouness.
Matt. v. 6.

(Hun"ger), v. t. To make hungry; to famish.

(Hun"ger-bit` Hun"ger-bit`ten) a. Pinched or weakened by hunger. [Obs.] Milton.

(Hun"gered) a. Hungry; pinched for food. [Obs.] Milton.

(Hun"ger*er) n. One who hungers; one who longs. Lamb.

(Hun"ger*ly), a. Wanting food; starved. [Obs.] Shak.

(Hun"ger*ly), adv. With keen appetite. [Obs.] Shak.

(Hun"ger-starve`) v. t. To starve with hunger; to famish. [Obs.] Shak.

(Hun"gred) a. Hungered; hungry. [Archaic]

(Hun"gri*ly) adv. [From Hunger.] In a hungry manner; voraciously. Dryden.

(Hun"gry) a. [Compar. Hungrier ; superl. Hungriest.] [AS. hungrid. See Hunger.]

1. Feeling hunger; having a keen appetite; feeling uneasiness or distress from want of food; hence, having an eager desire.

2. Showing hunger or a craving desire; voracious.

The cruel, hungry foam.
C. Kingsley.

Cassius has a lean and hungry look.

Hungarian grass

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