(Hov"el) n. [OE. hovel, hovil, prob. a dim. fr. AS. hof house; akin to D. & G. hof court, yard, Icel. hof temple; cf. Prov. E. hove to take shelter, heuf shelter, home.]

1. An open shed for sheltering cattle, or protecting produce, etc., from the weather. Brande & C.

2. A poor cottage; a small, mean house; a hut.

3. (Porcelain Manuf.) A large conical brick structure around which the firing kilns are grouped. Knight.

(Hov"el), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hoveled or Hovelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Hoveling or Hovelling.] To put in a hovel; to shelter.

To hovel thee with swine, and rogues forlon.

The poor are hoveled and hustled together.

(Hov"el*er) n. One who assists in saving life and property from a wreck; a coast boatman. [Written also hoveller.] [Prov. Eng.] G. P. R. James.

(Hov"el*ing), n. A method of securing a good draught in chimneys by covering the top, leaving openings in the sides, or by carrying up two of the sides higher than the other two. [Written also hovelling.]

(Ho"ven) obs. or archaic p. p. of Heave.

(Ho"ven) a. Affected with the disease called hoove; as, hoven cattle.

(Hov"er) n. [Etymol. doubtful.] A cover; a shelter; a protection. [Archaic] Carew. C. Kingsley.

(Hov"er), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hovered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Hovering.] [OE. hoveren, and hoven, prob. orig., to abide, linger, and fr. AS. hof house; cf. OFries. hovia to receive into one's house. See Hovel.]

1. To hang fluttering in the air, or on the wing; to remain in flight or floating about or over a place or object; to be suspended in the air above something.

Great flights of birds are hovering about the bridge, and settling on it.

A hovering mist came swimming o'er his sight.

2. To hang about; to move to and fro near a place, threateningly, watchfully, or irresolutely.

Agricola having sent his navy to hover on the coast.

Hovering o'er the paper with her quill.

(Hov"er*er) n. A device in an incubator for protecting the young chickens and keeping them warm.

(Hov"er-hawk`) n. (Zoöl.) The kestrel.

(Hov"er*ing*ly), adv. In a hovering manner.

(How) adv. [OE. how, hou, hu, hwu, AS. h, from the same root as hwa, hwæt, who, what, pron. interrog.; akin to OS. hwow, D. hoe, cf. G. wie how, Goth. hwe wherewith, hwaiwa how. &radic182. See Who, and cf. Why.]

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