(Hot"foot`) adv. In haste; foothot. [Colloq.]

(Hot"-head`) n. A violent, passionate person; a hasty or impetuous person; as, the rant of a hot-head.

(Hot"-head`ed), a. Fiery; violent; rash; hasty; impetuous; vehement. Macaulay.

(Hot"house`) n.

1. A house kept warm to shelter tender plants and shrubs from the cold air; a place in which the plants of warmer climates may be reared, and fruits ripened.

2. A bagnio, or bathing house. [Obs.] Shak.

3. A brothel; a bagnio. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

4. (Pottery) A heated room for drying green ware.

(Hot"-liv`ered) a. Of an excitable or irritable temperament; irascible. Milton.

(Hot"ly), adv. [From Hot, a.]

1. In a hot or fiery manner; ardently; vehemently; violently; hastily; as, a hotly pursued.

2. In a lustful manner; lustfully. Dryden.

(Hot"-mouthed`) a. Headstrong.

That hot-mouthed beast that bears against the curb.

(Hot"ness), n.

1. The quality or state of being hot.

2. Heat or excitement of mind or manner; violence; vehemence; impetuousity; ardor; fury. M. Arnold.

(Hot"press`) v. t. To apply heat to, in conjunction with mechanical pressure, for the purpose of giving a smooth and glossy surface, or to express oil, etc.; as, to hotpress paper, linen, etc.

(Hot"pressed`) a. Pressed while heat is applied. See Hotpress, v. t.

(Hot"-short`) a. (Metal.) More or less brittle when heated; as, hot-short iron.

(Hot"-spir`it*ed) a. Having a fiery spirit; hot-headed.

(Hot"spur`) n. [Hot + spur.] A rash, hot-headed man. Holinshed.

(Hot"spur`, Hot"spurred`) , a. Violent; impetuous; headstrong. Spenser. Peacham.

(Hot"ten*tot) n. [D. Hottentot; — so called from hot and tot, two syllables of frequent occurrence in their language. Wedgwood.]

1. (Ethnol.) One of a degraded and savage race of South Africa, with yellowish brown complexion, high cheek bones, and wooly hair growing in tufts.

2. The language of the Hottentots, which is remarkable for its clicking sounds.

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