Honorableness to Hoot

(Hon"or*a*ble*ness), n.

1. The state of being honorable; eminence; distinction.

2. Conformity to the principles of honor, probity, or moral rectitude; fairness; uprightness; reputableness.

(Hon"or*a*bly) adv.

1. In an honorable manner; in a manner showing, or consistent with, honor.

The reverend abbot . . . honorably received him.

Why did I not more honorably starve?

2. Decently; becomingly. [Obs.] "Do this message honorably." Shak.

Syn. — Magnanimously; generously; nobly; worthily; justly; equitably; fairly; reputably.

(||Hon`o*ra"ri*um Hon"or*a*ry) n. [L. honorarium fr. honorarius. See Honorary, a.]

1. A fee offered to professional men for their services; as, an honorarium of one thousand dollars. S. Longfellow.

2. (Law) An honorary payment, usually in recognition of services for which it is not usual or not lawful to assign a fixed business price. Heumann.

(Hon"or*a*ry), a. [L. honorarius, fr. honor honor: cf. F. honoraire.]

1. Done as a sign or evidence of honor; as, honorary services. Macaulay.

2. Conferring honor, or intended merely to confer honor without emolument; as, an honorary degree. "Honorary arches." Addison.

3. Holding a title or place without rendering service or receiving reward; as, an honorary member of a society.

(Hon"or*er) n. One who honors.

(Hon`or*if"ic) a. [See Honor, -fy, and -ic.] Conferring honor; tending to honor. London Spectator.

(Hon"or*less) a. Destitute of honor; not honored. Bp. Warburton.

(Hont) n. & v. See under Hunt. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Hoo) interj.

1. See Ho. [Obs.] Chaucer.

2. Hurrah! — an exclamation of triumphant joy. Shak.

- hood
(-hood) [OE. hod, had, hed, hede, etc., person, rank, order, condition, AS. had; akin to OS. hed, OHG. heit, G. -heit, D. -heid, Goth. haidus manner; cf. Skr. ketu brightness, cit to appear, be noticeable, notice. &radic217. Cf. -head.] A termination denoting state, condition, quality, character, totality, as in manhood, childhood, knighthood, brotherhood. Sometimes it is written, chiefly in obsolete words, in the form -head.

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