Regular hexagon, a hexagon in which the angles are all equal, and the sides are also all equal.

(Hex*ag"o*nal) a. [Cf. F. hexagonal.] Having six sides and six angles; six- sided.

Hexagonal system. (Crystal.) See under Crystallization.

2. Roughly dressed as with a hammer; as, hewn stone.

(Hex- Hex"a) [Gr. "e`x six. See Six.] A prefix or combining form, used to denote six, sixth, etc.; as, hexatomic, hexabasic.

(Hex`a*ba"sic) a. [Hexa- + basic.] (Chem.) Having six hydrogen atoms or six radicals capable of being replaced or saturated by bases; — said of acids; as, mellitic acid is hexabasic.

(Hex`a*cap"su*lar) a. [Hexa- + capsular.] (Bot.) Having six capsules or seed vessels.

(Hex"a*chord) n. [Hexa- + Gr. string, chord: cf. F. hexacorde.] (Mus.) A series of six notes, with a semitone between the third and fourth, the other intervals being whole tones.

(Hex`ac"id) a. [Hex- + acid.] (Chem.) Having six atoms or radicals capable of being replaced by acids; hexatomic; hexavalent; — said of bases; as, mannite is a hexacid base.

(Hex*ac`ti*nel"lid) a. (Zoöl.) Having six-rayed spicules; belonging to the Hexactinellinæ.

(Hex*ac`ti*nel"line) a. [From NL. Hexactinellinæ, fr. Gr. "e`x six + a dim. of a ray.] (Zoöl.) Belonging to the Hexactinellinæ, a group of sponges, having six-rayed siliceous spicules.

(||Hex`ac*tin"i*a) n. pl. [NL. See Hex-, and Actinia.] (Zoöl.) The Anthozoa.

(Hex"ad) n. [L. hexas, hexadis, the number six, Gr. fr. "e`x six.] (chem.) An atom whose valence is six, and which can be theoretically combined with, substituted for, or replaced by, six monad atoms or radicals; as, sulphur is a hexad in sulphuric acid. Also used as an adjective.

(Hex`a*dac"tyl*ous) a. [Gr. "e`x six + finger: cf. F. hexadactyle.] (Zoöl.) Having six fingers or toes.

(Hex"ade) n. [See Hexad.] A series of six numbers.

(Hex"a*dec`ane) n. (Chem.) See Hecdecane.

(Hex"a*gon) n. [L. hexagonum, Gr. six-cornered; "e`x six (akin to E. six) + angle.] (Geom.) A plane figure of six angles.

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