Heriot custom, a heriot depending on usage.Heriot service(Law), a heriot due by reservation in a grant or lease of lands. Spelman. Blackstone.

(Her"i*ot*a*ble) a. Subject to the payment of a heriot. Burn.

(Her"is*son) n. [F. hérisson, prop., hedgehog.] (fort.) A beam or bar armed with iron spikes, and turning on a pivot; — used to block up a passage.

(Her`it*a*bil"i*ty) n. The state of being heritable.

(Her"it*a*ble) a. [OF. héritable. See Heritage, Hereditable.]

1. Capable of being inherited or of passing by inheritance; inheritable.

2. Capable of inheriting or receiving by inheritance.

This son shall be legitimate and heritable.
Sir M. Hale.

Heritable rights(Scots Law), rights of the heir; rights to land or whatever may be intimately connected with land; realty. Jacob

(Her"it*age) a. [OE. heritage, eritage, OF. heritage, eritage, F. héritage, fr. hériter to inherit, LL. heriditare. See Hereditable.]

1. That which is inherited, or passes from heir to heir; inheritance.

Part of my heritage,
Which my dead father did bequeath to me.

2. (Script.) A possession; the Israelites, as God's chosen people; also, a flock under pastoral charge. Joel iii. 2. 1 Peter v. 3.

(Her"it*ance) n. [OF. heritance.] Heritage; inheritance. [R.]

Robbing their children of the heritance
Their fathers handed down

Hereto to Herpetic

(Here*to") adv. To this; hereunto. Hooker.

(Her"e*toch Her"e*tog) n. [AS. heretoga, heretoha; here army + teón to draw, lead; akin to OS. heritogo, OHG. herizogo, G. herzog duke.] (AS. Antiq.) The leader or commander of an army; also, a marshal. Blackstone.

(Here`to*fore") adv. Up to this time; hitherto; before; in time past. Shak.

(Here`un*to") adv. Unto this; up to this time; hereto.

(Here`up*on") adv. On this; hereon.

(Here*with") adv. With this.

(Her"ie) v. t. [See Hery.] To praise; to worship. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Her"i*ot) n. [AS. heregeatu military equipment, heriot; here army + geatwe, pl., arms, equipments.] (Eng. Law) Formerly, a payment or tribute of arms or military accouterments, or the best beast, or chattel, due to the lord on the death of a tenant; in modern use, a customary tribute of goods or chattels to the lord of the fee, paid on the decease of a tenant. Blackstone. Bouvier.

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