Haver bread, oaten bread.Haver cake, oaten cake. Piers Plowman.Haver grass, the wild oat.Haver meal, oatmeal.

(Ha"ver) v. i. [Etymol. uncertain.] To maunder; to talk foolishly; to chatter. [Scot.] Sir W. Scott.

(Hav"er*sack) n. [F. havresac, G. habersack, sack for oats. See 2d Haver, and Sack a bag.]

1. A bag for oats or oatmeal. [Prov. Eng.]

2. A bag or case, usually of stout cloth, in which a soldier carries his rations when on a march; — distinguished from knapsack.

3. A gunner's case or bag used to carry cartridges from the ammunition chest to the piece in loading.

(Ha*ver"sian) a. Pertaining to, or discovered by, Clopton Havers, an English physician of the seventeenth century.

Haversian canals(Anat.), the small canals through which the blood vessels ramify in bone.

(||Hav`il*dar") n. In the British Indian armies, a noncommissioned officer of native soldiers, corresponding to a sergeant.

Haveless to Haymaking

(Have"less), a. Having little or nothing. [Obs.] Gower.

(Hav"e*lock) n. [From Havelock, an English general distinguished in India in the rebellion of 1857.] A light cloth covering for the head and neck, used by soldiers as a protection from sunstroke.

(Ha"ven) n. [AS. hæfene; akin to D. & LG. haven, G. hafen, MHG. habe, Dan. havn, Icel. höfn, Sw. hamn; akin to E. have, and hence orig., a holder; or to heave (see Heave); or akin to AS. hæf sea, Icel. & Sw. haf, Dan. hav, which is perh. akin to E. heave.]

1. A bay, recess, or inlet of the sea, or the mouth of a river, which affords anchorage and shelter for shipping; a harbor; a port.

What shipping and what lading 's in our haven.

Their haven under the hill.

2. A place of safety; a shelter; an asylum. Shak.

The haven, or the rock of love.

(Ha"ven), v. t. To shelter, as in a haven. Keats.

(Ha"ven*age) n. Harbor dues; port dues.

(Ha"vened) p. a. Sheltered in a haven.

Blissful havened both from joy and pain.

(Ha"ven*er) n. A harbor master. [Obs.]

(Ha"ver) n. A possessor; a holder. Shak.

(Hav"er), n. [D. haver; akin to G. haber.] The oat; oats. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]

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