Greenback to Griddle

(Green"back") n. One of the legal tender notes of the United States; — first issued in 1862, and having the devices on the back printed with green ink, to prevent alterations and counterfeits.

(Green"back"er) n. One of those who supported greenback or paper money, and opposed the resumption of specie payments. [Colloq. U. S.]

(Green"bone) n. [So named because the bones are green when boiled.] (Zoöl.) (a) Any garfish (Belone or Tylosurus). (b) The European eelpout.

(Green"-broom`) n. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Genista (G. tinctoria); dyer's weed; — called also greenweed.

(Green"cloth`) n. A board or court of justice formerly held in the counting house of the British sovereign's household, composed of the lord steward and his officers, and having cognizance of matters of justice in the household, with power to correct offenders and keep the peace within the verge of the palace, which extends two hundred yards beyond the gates.

(Green"er*y) n. Green plants; verdure.

A pretty little one-storied abode, so rural, so smothered in greenery.
J. Ingelow.

(Green"-eyed) a.

1. Having green eyes.

2. Seeing everything through a medium which discolors or distorts. "Green-eyed jealousy." Shak.

(Green"finch`) n. (Zoöl.)

1. A European finch (Ligurinus chloris); — called also green bird, green linnet, green grosbeak, green olf, greeny, and peasweep.

2. The Texas sparrow (Embernagra rufivirgata), in which the general color is olive green, with four rufous stripes on the head.

(Green"fish`) n. (Zoöl.) See Bluefish, and Pollock.

(Green"gage`) n. (Bot.) A kind of plum of medium size, roundish shape, greenish flesh, and delicious flavor. It is called in France Reine Claude, after the queen of Francis I. See Gage.

(Green"gill`) n. (Zoöl.) An oyster which has the gills tinged with a green pigment, said to be due to an abnormal condition of the blood.

(Green"gro`cer) n. A retailer of vegetables or fruits in their fresh or green state.

(Green"head`) n. (Zoöl.) (a) The mallard. (b) The striped bass. See Bass.

(Green"head Green"hood) n. A state of greenness; verdancy. Chaucer.

(Green"horn`) n. A raw, inexperienced person; one easily imposed upon. W. Irving.

(Green"house`) n. A house in which tender plants are cultivated and sheltered from the weather.

(Green"ing), n. A greenish apple, of several varieties, among which the Rhode Island greening is the best known for its fine-grained acid flesh and its excellent keeping quality.

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