Basket fish(Zoöl.), an ophiuran of the genus Astrophyton, having the arms much branched. See Astrophyton.Basket hilt, a hilt with a covering wrought like basketwork to protect the hand. Hudibras. Hence, Basket-hilted, a.Basket work, work consisting of plaited osiers or twigs.Basket worm(Zoöl.), a lepidopterous insect of the genus Thyridopteryx and allied genera, esp. T. ephemeræformis. The larva makes and carries about a bag or basket-like case of silk and twigs, which it afterwards hangs up to shelter the pupa and wingless adult females.

(Bas"ket), v. t. To put into a basket. [R.]

(Bas"ket*ful) n.; pl. Basketfuls As much as a basket will contain.

(Bas"ket*ry) n. The art of making baskets; also, baskets, taken collectively.

Basking shark
(Bask"ing shark`) (Zoöl.) One of the largest species of sharks so called from its habit of basking in the sun; the liver shark, or bone shark. It inhabits the northern seas of Europe and America, and grows to a length of more than forty feet. It is a harmless species.

(Bas"net) n. Same as Bascinet.

(||Ba*som`ma*toph"o*ra) n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ba`sis base + 'o`mma eye + fe`rein to bear.] (Zoöl.) A group of Pulmonifera having the eyes at the base of the tentacles, including the common pond snails.

(Ba"son) n. A basin. [Obs. or Special form]

(Basque) a. [F.] Pertaining to Biscay, its people, or their language.

(Basque) n. [F.]

1. One of a race, of unknown origin, inhabiting a region on the Bay of Biscay in Spain and France.

2. The language spoken by the Basque people.

3. A part of a lady's dress, resembling a jacket with a short skirt; — probably so called because this fashion of dress came from the Basques.

(Basqu"ish) a. [F. Basque Biscayan: cf. G. Baskisch.] Pertaining to the country, people, or language of Biscay; Basque [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.

(Bas`-re*lief") n. [F. bas- relief; bas low + relief raised work, relever to raise: cf. It. bassorilievo.] Low relief; sculpture, the figures of which project less than half of their true proportions; — called also bass-relief and basso-rilievo. See Alto- rilievo.

(Bass) n.; pl. Bass, and sometimes Basses (- ez). [A corruption of barse.] (Zoöl.)

1. An edible, spiny-finned fish, esp. of the genera Roccus, Labrax, and related genera. There are many species.

1. A vessel made of osiers or other twigs, cane, rushes, splints, or other flexible material, interwoven. "Rude baskets . . . woven of the flexile willow." Dyer.

2. The contents of a basket; as much as a basket contains; as, a basket of peaches.

3. (Arch.) The bell or vase of the Corinthian capital. [Improperly so used.] Gwilt.

4. The two back seats facing one another on the outside of a stagecoach. [Eng.] Goldsmith.

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