A greegree man, an African magician or fetich priest.

(Greek) a. [AS. grec, L. Graecus, Gr. ?: cf. F. grec. Cf. Grecian.] Of or pertaining to Greece or the Greeks; Grecian.

Greek calends. See under Calends.Greek Church the Eastern Church; that part of Christendom which separated from the Roman or Western Church in the ninth century. It comprises the great bulk of the Christian population of Russia (of which this is the established church), Greece, Moldavia, and Wallachia. The Greek Church is governed by patriarchs and is called also the Byzantine Church. Greek cross. See Illust. (10) Of Cross.Greek Empire. See Byzantine Empire.Greek fire, a combustible composition which burns under water, the constituents of which are supposed to be asphalt, with niter and sulphur. Ure.Greek rose, the flower campion.

(Greek), n.

1. A native, or one of the people, of Greece; a Grecian; also, the language of Greece.

2. A swindler; a knave; a cheat. [Slang]

Without a confederate the . . . game of baccarat does not . . . offer many chances for the Greek.
Sat. Rev.

3. Something unintelligible; as, it was all Greek to me. [Colloq.]

(Greek"ess) n. A female Greek. [R.]

(Greek"ish), a. [Cf. AS. Grecisc.] Peculiar to Greece.

(Greek"ling) n. A little Greek, or one of small esteem or pretensions. B. Jonson.

(Greece) n. pl. See Gree a step. [Obs.]

(Greed) n. [Akin to Goth. gredus hunger, Icel. graðr. &radic34. See Greedy.] An eager desire or longing; greediness; as, a greed of gain.

(Greed"i*ly) adv. In a greedy manner.

(Greed"i*ness), n. [AS gr&aemacrdignes.] The quality of being greedy; vehement and selfish desire.

Fox in stealth, wolf in greediness.

Syn. — Ravenousness; voracity; eagerness; avidity.

(Greed"y) a. [Compar. Greedier (-i*er); superl. Greediest.] [OE. gredi, AS. gr&aemacrdig, gredig; akin to D. gretig, OS. gradag, OHG. gratag, Dan. graadig, OSw. gradig, grådig, Icel. graðugr, Goth. gredags greedy, greden to be hungry; cf. Skr. g&rsdotdh to be greedy. Cf. Greed.]

1. Having a keen appetite for food or drink; ravenous; voracious; very hungry; — followed by of; as, a lion that is greedy of his prey.

2. Having a keen desire for anything; vehemently desirous; eager to obtain; avaricious; as, greedy of gain.

(Greed"y-gut`) n. A glutton. [Low] Todd.

(Gree"gree`, Gri"gri`) n. An African talisman or charm.

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