Grained to Grandam

(Grained) a.

1. Having a grain; divided into small particles or grains; showing the grain; hence, rough.

2. Dyed in grain; ingrained.

Persons lightly dipped, not grained, in generous honesty, are but pale in goodness.
Sir T. Browne.

3. Painted or stained in imitation of the grain of wood, marble, etc.

4. (Bot.) Having tubercles or grainlike processes, as the petals or sepals of some flowers.

(Grain"er) n.

1. An infusion of pigeon's dung used by tanners to neutralize the effects of lime and give flexibility to skins; — called also grains and bate.

2. A knife for taking the hair off skins.

3. One who paints in imitation of the grain of wood, marble, etc.; also, the brush or tool used in graining.

(Grain"field`) n. A field where grain is grown.

(Grain"ing), n.

1. Indentation; roughening; milling, as on edges of coins. Locke.

2. A process in dressing leather, by which the skin is softened and the grain raised.

3. Painting or staining, in imitation of the grain of wood, stone, etc.

4. (Soap Making) The process of separating soap from spent lye, as with salt.

(Grain"ing), n. (Zoöl.) A small European fresh-water fish (Leuciscus vulgaris); - - called also dobule, and dace.

(Grains) n. pl.

1. See 5th Grain, n., 2 (b).

2. Pigeon's dung used in tanning. See Grainer. n., 1.

(Grain"y) a. Resembling grains; granular.

(Graip) n. [Perh. akin to grope, gripe.] A dungfork. [Scot.] Burns.

(Graith) v. t. [Obs.] See Greith. Chaucer.

(Graith), n. Furniture; apparatus or accouterments for work, traveling, war, etc. [Scot.] Jamieson.

(Gra"kle) n. (Zoöl.) See Grackle.

(||Gral"læ) n. pl. [NL., fr. L. grallae stilts, for gradulae, fr. gradus. See Grade.] (Zoöl.) An order of birds which formerly included all the waders. By later writers it is usually restricted to the sandpipers, plovers, and allied forms; — called also Grallatores.

(||Gral"la*to"res) n. pl. [NL. from L. grallator one who runs on stilts.] (Zo\94l.) See Grallæ.

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