Gradient post, a post or stake indicating by its height or by marks on it the grade of a railroad, highway, or embankment, etc., at that spot.

(||Gra"din Gra*dine") n. [F. gradin, dim. of grade. See Grade.] (Arch.) Any member like a step, as the raised back of an altar or the like; a set raised over another. "The gradines of the amphitheeater." Layard.

(Gra*dine") n. [F. gradine.] A toothed chised by sculptors.

(Grad"ing) n. The act or method of arranging in or by grade, or of bringing, as the surface of land or a road, to the desired level or grade.

(||Gra*di"no) n.; pl. Gradinos [It.] (Arch.) A step or raised shelf, as above a sideboard or altar. Cf. Superaltar, and Gradin.

(Grad"u*al") ; a. [Cf; F. graduel. See Grade, and cf. Gradual, n.] Proceeding by steps or degrees; advancing, step by step, as in ascent or descent or from one state to another; regularly progressive; slow; as, a gradual increase of knowledge; a gradual decline.

Creatures animate with gradual life
Of growth, sense, reason, all summed up in man.

(Grad"u*al), n. [LL. graduale a gradual fr. L. gradus step: cf. F. graduel. See Grade, and cf. Grail a gradual.]

1. (R. C. Ch.) (a) An antiphon or responsory after the epistle, in the Mass, which was sung on the steps, or while the deacon ascended the steps. (b) A service book containing the musical portions of the Mass.

2. A series of steps. [Obs.] Dryden.

(Grad"u*al"i*ty) n. The state of being gradual; gradualness. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(Grad"u*al*ly) adv.

1. In a gradual manner.

Gradely to Grain

(Grade"ly), a. [Cf. AS. grad grade, step, order, fr. L. gradus. See Grade.] Decent; orderly. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.adv. Decently; in order. [Prov. Eng.]

(Grad"er) n. One who grades, or that by means of which grading is done or facilitated.

(Gra"di*ent) a. [L. gradiens, p. pr. of gradi to step, to go. See Grade.]

1. Moving by steps; walking; as, gradient automata. Wilkins.

2. Rising or descending by regular degrees of inclination; as, the gradient line of a railroad.

3. Adapted for walking, as the feet of certain birds.

(Gra"di*ent), n.

1. The rate of regular or graded ascent or descent in a road; grade.

2. A part of a road which slopes upward or downward; a portion of a way not level; a grade.

3. The rate of increase or decrease of a variable magnitude, or the curve which represents it; as, a thermometric gradient.

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