, to grasp or snatch at; to aspire to.

Wha glaum'd at kingdoms three.

(Glave) n. See Glaive.

(Glav"er) v. i. [Of Celtic origin; cf. W. glafr flattery.]

1. To prate; to jabber; to babble. [Obs.]

Here many, clepid filosophirs, glavern diversely.

2. To flatter; to wheedle. [Obs.]

Some slavish, glavering, flattering parasite.

(Glav"er*er) n. A flatterer. [Obs.] Mir. for Mag.

(Glay"more`) n. A claymore. Johnson.

(Glaze) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Glazed (glazd); p. pr. & vb. n. Glazing.] [OE. glasen, glazen, fr. glas. See Glass.]

1. To furnish (a window, a house, a sash, a case, etc.) with glass.

Two cabinets daintily paved, richly handed, and glazed with crystalline glass.

2. To incrust, cover, or overlay with a thin surface, consisting of, or resembling, glass; as, to glaze earthenware; hence, to render smooth, glasslike, or glossy; as, to glaze paper, gunpowder, and the like.

Sorrow's eye glazed with blinding tears.

3. (Paint.) To apply thinly a transparent or semitransparent color to to modify the effect.

(Glaze), v. i. To become glazed of glassy.

(Glaze), n.

1. The vitreous coating of pottery or porcelain; anything used as a coating or color in glazing. See Glaze, v. t., 3. Ure.

2. (Cookery) Broth reduced by boiling to a gelatinous paste, and spread thinly over braised dishes.

3. A glazing oven. See Glost oven.

(Glaz"en) a. [AS. glæsen.] Resembling glass; glasslike; glazed. [Obs.] Wyclif.

(Glaz"er) n.

1. One who applies glazing, as in pottery manufacture, etc.; one who gives a glasslike or glossy surface to anything; a calenderer or smoother of cloth, paper, and the like.

2. A tool or machine used in glazing, polishing, smoothing, etc.; amoung cutlers and lapidaries, a wooden wheel covered with emery, or having a band of lead and tin alloy, for polishing cutlery, etc.

(Gla"zier) n. [From Glaze.] One whose business is to set glass.

Glazier's diamond. See under Diamond.

To glaum at

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