Glassy feldspar(Min.), a variety of orthoclase; sanidine.

Glastonbury thorn
(Glas"ton*bur*y thorn`) (Bot.) A variety of the common hawthorn. Loudon.

(Glass"-faced`) a. Mirror- faced; reflecting the sentiments of another. [R.] "The glass-faced flatterer." Shak.

(Glass"ful) n.; pl. Glassfuls The contents of a glass; as much of anything as a glass will hold.

(Glass"ful), a. Glassy; shining like glass. [Obs.] "Minerva's glassful shield." Marston.

(Glass"-gaz`ing) a. Given to viewing one's self in a glass or mirror; finical. [Poetic] Shak.

(Glass"house`) n. A house where glass is made; a commercial house that deals in glassware.

(Glass"i*ly) adv. So as to resemble glass.

(Glass"i*ness), n. The quality of being glassy.

(Glass"ite) n. A member of a Scottish sect, founded in the 18th century by John Glass, a minister of the Established Church of Scotland, who taught that justifying faith is "no more than a simple assent to the divine testimone passively recived by the understanding." The English and American adherents of this faith are called Sandemanians, after Robert Sandeman, the son-in-law and disciple of Glass.

Glass maker
(Glass" mak`er or Glass"mak`er), n. One who makes, or manufactures, glass.Glass" mak`ing, or Glass"mak`ing, n.

(Glass"-rope`) n. (Zoöl.) A remarkable vitreous sponge, of the genus Hyalonema, first brought from Japan. It has a long stem, consisting of a bundle of long and large, glassy, siliceous fibers, twisted together.

(Glass"-snail`) n. (Zoöl.) A small, transparent, land snail, of the genus Vitrina.

(Glass"-snake`) n. (Zoöl.) A long, footless lizard (Ophiosaurus ventralis), of the Southern United States; — so called from its fragility, the tail easily breaking into small pieces. It grows to the length of three feet. The name is applied also to similar species found in the Old World.

(Glass"-sponge`) n. (Zoöl.) A siliceous sponge, of the genus Hyalonema, and allied genera; — so called from their glassy fibers or spicules; — called also vitreous sponge. See Glass- rope, and Euplectella.

(Glass"ware) n. Ware, or articles collectively, made of glass.

(Glass"work`) n. Manufacture of glass; articles or ornamentation made of glass.

(Glass"wort`) n. (Bot.) A seashore plant of the Spinach family (Salicornia herbacea), with succulent jointed stems; also, a prickly plant of the same family both formerly burned for the sake of the ashes, which yield soda for making glass and soap.

(Glass"y) a.

1. Made of glass; vitreous; as, a glassy substance. Bacon.

2. Resembling glass in its properties, as in smoothness, brittleness, or transparency; as, a glassy stream; a glassy surface; the glassy deep.

3. Dull; wanting life or fire; lackluster; — said of the eyes. "In his glassy eye." Byron.

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