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(Gawk) n. [OE. gok, gowk, cuckoo, fool, Icel. gaukr cuckoo; akin to OHG. gouh, G. gauch cuckoo, fool, AS. géac cuckoo, Sw. gök, Dan. giög]

1. A cuckoo. Johnson.

2. A simpleton; a booby; a gawky. Carlyle.

(Gawk), v. i. To act like a gawky.

(Gawk"y) a. [Compar. Gawkier ; superl. Gawkiest.] Foolish and awkward; clumsy; clownish; as, gawky behavior. — n. A fellow who is awkward from being overgrown, or from stupidity, a gawk.

(Gawn) n. [Corrupted fr. gallon.] A small tub or lading vessel. [Prov. Eng.] Johnson.

(Gawn"tree) n. See Gauntree.

(Gay) a. [Compar. Gayer ; superl. Gayest.] [F. gai, perhaps fr. OHG. ghi swift, rapid, G. gäh, jäh, steep, hasty; or cf. OHG. whi beatiful, good. Cf. Jay.]

1. Excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or delight; inspiring delight; livery; merry.

Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay.

Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed.

2. Brilliant in colors; splendid; fine; richly dressed.

Why is my neighbor's wife so gay?

A bevy of fair women, richly gay
In gems and wanton dress!

3. Loose; dissipated; lewd. [Colloq.]

Syn. — Merry; gleeful; blithe; airy; lively; sprightly, sportive; light-hearted; frolicsome; jolly; jovial; joyous; joyful; glad; showy; splendid; vivacious.

(Gay), n. An ornament [Obs.] L'Estrange.

(Gay"al) n. [Native name.] (Zoöl.) A Southern Asiatic species of wild cattle

(||Gay"di*ang) n. (Naut.) A vessel of Anam, with two or three masts, lofty triangular sails, and in construction somewhat resembling a Chinese junk.

(Gay"e*ty) n.; pl. Gayeties [Written also gaiety.] [F. gaieté. See Gay, a.]

1. The state of being gay; merriment; mirth; acts or entertainments prompted by, or inspiring, merry delight; — used often in the plural; as, the gayeties of the season.

2. Finery; show; as, the gayety of dress.

Syn. — Liveliness; mirth; animation; vivacity; glee; blithesomeness; sprightliness; jollity. See Liveliness.

(Gay"lus*site`) n. [Named after Gay-Lussac, the French chemist.] (Min.) A yellowish white, translucent mineral, consisting of the carbonates of lime and soda, with water.

(Gay"ly) adv.

1. With mirth and frolic; merrily; blithely; gleefully.

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