Gathering board(Bookbinding), a table or board on which signatures are gathered or assembled, to form a book. Knight.Gathering coal, a lighted coal left smothered in embers over night, about which kindling wood is gathered in the morning.Gathering hoop, a hoop used by coopers to draw together the ends of barrel staves, to allow the hoops to be slipped over them.Gathering peat. (a) A piece of peat used as a gathering coal, to preserve a fire. (b) In Scotland, a fiery peat which was sent round by the Borderers as an alarm signal, as the fiery cross was by the Highlanders.

Gatling gun
(Gat"ling gun`) [From the inventor, R.J. Gatling.] An American machine gun, consisting of a cluster of barrels which, being revolved by a crank, are automatically loaded and fired.

The improved Gatling gun can be fired at the rate of 1,200 shots per minute. Farrow.

Gatten tree
(Gat"ten tree`) [Cf. Prov. E. gatter bush.] (Bot.) A name given to the small trees called guelder- rose cornel and spindle tree

(Gat"-toothed`) a. [OE. gat goat + tooth. See Goat the animal.] Goat-toothed; having a lickerish tooth; lustful; wanton. [Obs.]

(||Gauche) n. [F.]

1. Left handed; hence, awkward; clumsy.

2. (Geom.) Winding; twisted; warped; - - applied to curves and surfaces.

(||Gauche`rie") n. [F.] An awkward action; clumsiness; boorishness.

(||Gau"cho) n., pl. Gauchos (-choz) [Sp.] One of the native inhabitants of the pampas, of Spanish-American descent. They live mostly by rearing cattle.

(Gaud) n. [OE. gaude jest, trick, gaudi bead of a rosary, fr. L. gaudium joy, gladness. See Joy.]

1. Trick; jest; sport. [Obs.] Chaucer.

2. Deceit; fraud; artifice; device. [Obs.] Chaucer.

3. An ornament; a piece of worthless finery; a trinket. "An idle gaud." Shak.

(Gaud), v. i. [Cf. F. se gaudir to rejoice, fr. L. gaudere. See Gaud, n.] To sport or keep festival. [Obs.] "Gauding with his familiars. " [Obs.] Sir T. North.

Gatherable to Gawby

(Gath"er*a*ble) a. Capable of being gathered or collected; deducible from premises. [R.] Godwin.

(Gath"er*er) n.

1. One who gathers or collects.

2. (Sewing Machine) An attachment for making gathers in the cloth.

(Gath"er*ing), n.

1. The act of collecting or bringing together.

2. That which is gathered, collected, or brought together; as: (a) A crowd; an assembly; a congregation. (b) A charitable contribution; a collection. (c) A tumor or boil suppurated or maturated; an abscess.

(Gath"er*ing), a. Assembling; collecting; used for gathering or concentrating.

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