2. Furnished with fuzz; having fuzz; like fuzz; as, the fuzzy skin of a peach.

- fy
(-fy) [Through French verbs in -fier, L. - ficare, akin to facere to do, make. See Fact.] A suffix signifying to make, to form into, etc.; as, acetify, amplify, dandify, Frenchify, etc.

(Fy) interj. [See Fie, interj.] A word which expresses blame, dislike, disapprobation, abhorrence, or contempt. See Fie.

(Fyke) n. [D. fuik a bow net.] A long bag net distended by hoops, into which fish can pass easily, without being able to return; — called also fyke net. Cozzens.

(Fyl"lot) n. [Prov. fr. AS. fyerfte, fierfte, feówerfte. See Four, and Foot, n.] A rebated cross, formerly used as a secret emblem, and a common ornament. It is also called gammadion, and swastika.

(Fyrd Fyr"dung) n. [AS.; akin to E. fare, v. i.] (Old. Eng. Hist.) The military force of the whole nation, consisting of all men able to bear arms.

The national fyrd or militia.
J. R. Green.

(Fytte) n. See Fit a song. [Archaic]

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