Four-way cock, a cock connected with four pipes or ports, and having two or more passages in the plug, by which the adjacent pipes or ports may be made to communicate; formerly used as a valve in the steam engine, and now for various other purposes. In the illustration, a leads to the upper end of a steam engine cylinder, and b to the lower end; c is the steam pipe, and d the exhaust pipe.

(Four"-wheeled`) a. Having four wheels.

(Four"-wheel`er) n. A vehicle having four wheels. [Colloq.]

(||Fous"sa) n. [Natibe name.] (Zoöl.) A viverrine animal of Madagascar It resembles a cat in size and form, and has retractile claws.

(Fou"ter) n. [F. foutre to lecher, L. futuere. Cf. Fouty.] A despicable fellow. [Prov. Eng.] Brockett.

(Fou"tra) n. [See Fouter.] A fig; — a word of contempt. [Obs.]

A foutra for the world and wordlings base!

(Fou"ty) a. [Cf. F. foutu, p. p. of foutre; OF. foutu scoundrel. See Fouter.] Despicable. [Obs.]

(||Fo"ve*a) n.; pl. Foveæ [L., a small pit.] A slight depression or pit; a fossa.

(Fo"ve*ate) a. [L. fovea a pit.] Having pits or depressions; pitted.

(||Fo*ve"o*la) n.; pl. Foveolæ [NL., dim. of L. fovea.] A small depression or pit; a fovea.

(Fo"ve*o*late) a. Having small pits or depressions, as the receptacle in some composite flowers.

(Fo"ve*o*la`ted) a. Foveolate.

(Fo*vil"la) n.; pl. Fovillæ [Dim. fr. L. fovere to cherish.] (Bot.) One of the fine granules contained in the protoplasm of a pollen grain.

(Fowl) n. Instead of the pl. Fowls the singular is often used collectively. [OE. foul, fowel, foghel, fuhel, fugel, AS. fugol; akin to OS. fugal D. & G. vogel, OHG. fogal, Icel. & Dan. fugl, Sw. fogel, fågel, Goth. fugls; of unknown origin, possibly by loss of l, from the root of E. fly, or akin to E. fox, as being a tailed animal.]

1. Any bird; esp., any large edible bird.

Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air.
Gen. i. 26.

Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not.
Matt. vi. 26.

Like a flight of fowl
Scattered by winds and high tempestuous gusts.

2. Any domesticated bird used as food, as a hen, turkey, duck; in a more restricted sense, the common domestic cock or hen

Barndoor fowl, or Barnyard fowl, a fowl that frequents the barnyard; the common domestic cock or hen.

Fourthly to Fracture

(Fourth"ly), adv. In the fourth place.

(Four"-way`) a. Allowing passage in either of four directions; as, a four-way cock, or valve. Francis.

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