(Fo*ram`i*nif"er*ous) a.

1. Having small openings, or foramina.

2. Pertaining to, or composed of, Foraminifera; as, foraminiferous mud.

(Fo*ram"i*nous) a. [L. foraminosus.] Having foramina; full of holes; porous. Bacon.

(For`as*much") conj. In consideration that; seeing that; since; because that; — followed by as. See under For, prep.

(For"ay) (for"a or fo*ra"; 277), n. [Another form of forahe. Cf. Forray.] A sudden or irregular incursion in border warfare; hence, any irregular incursion for war or spoils; a raid. Spenser.

The huge Earl Doorm, . . .
Bound on a foray, rolling eyes of prey.

(For"ay), v. t. To pillage; to ravage.

He might foray our lands.
Sir W. Scott.

(For"ay*er) n. One who makes or joins in a foray.

They might not choose the lowland road,
For the Merse forayers were abroad.
Sir W. Scott.

(For*bade") imp. of Forbid.

(For*bathe"), v. t. To bathe. [Obs.]

(For*bear") n. [See Fore, and Bear to produce.] An ancestor; a forefather; — usually in the plural. [Scot.] "Your forbears of old." Sir W. Scott.

(For*bear") v. i. [imp. Forbore [Obs.]); p. p. Forborne ; p. pr. & vb. n. Forbearing.] [OE. forberen, AS. forberan; pref. for- + beran to bear. See Bear to support.]

1. To refrain from proceeding; to pause; to delay.

Shall I go against Ramoth-gilead to battle, or shall I forbear?
1 Kings xxii. 6.

2. To refuse; to decline; to give no heed.

Thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear.
Ezek. ii. 7.

3. To control one's self when provoked.

The kindest and the happiest pair
Will find occasion to forbear.

Both bear and forbear.
Old Proverb.

(For*bear"), v. t.

1. To keep away from; to avoid; to abstain from; to give up; as, to forbear the use of a word of doubtful propriety.

But let me that plunder forbear.

The King
In open battle or the tilting field
Forbore his own advantage.

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