Folk song, one of a class of songs long popular with the common people.Folk speech, the speech of the common people, as distinguished from that of the educated class.

(Folk"land`) n. [AS. folcland.] (O.Eng. Law) Land held in villenage, being distributed among the folk, or people, at the pleasure of the lord of the manor, and resumed at his discretion. Not being held by any assurance in writing, it was opposed to bookland or charter land, which was held by deed. Mozley & W.

(Folk"lore`) n., or Folk" lore`. Tales, legends, or superstitions long current among the people. Trench.

(Folk"mote`) n. [AS. folcmot folk meeting.] An assembly of the people; esp. (Sax. Law), a general assembly of the people to consider and order matters of the commonwealth; also, a local court. [Hist.]

To which folkmote they all with one consent
Agreed to travel.

(Folk"mot`er) n. One who takes part in a folkmote, or local court. [Obs.] Milton.

(Fol"li*cle) n. [L. folliculus a small bag, husk, pod, dim of follis bellows, an inflated ball, a leathern money bag, perh. akin to E. bellows: cf. F. follicule. Cf. 2d Fool.]

1. (Bot.) A simple podlike pericarp which contains several seeds and opens along the inner or ventral suture, as in the peony, larkspur and milkweed.

2. (Anat.) (a) A small cavity, tubular depression, or sac; as, a hair follicle. (b) A simple gland or glandular cavity; a crypt. (c) A small mass of adenoid tissue; as, a lymphatic follicle.

(Fol*lic"u*lar) a.

1. Like, pertaining to, or consisting of, a follicles or follicles.

2. (Med.) Affecting the follicles; as, follicular pharyngitis.

(Fol*lic"u*la`ted) a. Having follicles.

(Fol*lic"u*lous) a. [L. folliculosus full of husks: cf. F. folliculeux.] Having or producing follicles.

(Fol"li*ful) a. Full of folly. [Obs.]

(Fol"low) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Followed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Following.][OE. foluwen, folwen, folgen, AS. folgian, fylgean, fylgan; akin to D. volgen, OHG. folgn, G. folgen, Icel. fylgja, Sw. följa, Dan. fölge, and perh. to E. folk.]

1. To go or come after; to move behind in the same path or direction; hence, to go with (a leader, guide, etc.); to accompany; to attend.

It waves me forth again; I'll follow it.

2. To endeavor to overtake; to go in pursuit of; to chase; to pursue; to prosecute.

I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, and they shall follow them.
Ex. xiv. 17.

3. The persons of one's own family; as, our folks are all well. [Colloq. New Eng.] Bartlett.

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