4. (Mach.) The part of a machine that receives motion from another part. See Driver.

5. Among law stationers, a sheet of parchment or paper which is added to the first sheet of an indenture or other deed.

Syn. — Imitator; copier; disciple; adherent; partisan; dependent; attendant.

(Fol"low*ing) n.

1. One's followers, adherents, or dependents, collectively. Macaulay.

2. Vocation; business; profession.

(Fol"low*ing), a.

1. Next after; succeeding; ensuing; as, the assembly was held on the following day.

2. (Astron.) (In the field of a telescope) In the direction from which stars are apparently moving (in consequence of the earth's rotation); as, a small star, north following or south following. In the direction toward which stars appear to move is called preceding.

The four principal directions in the field of a telescope are north, south, following, preceding.

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