1. Disgracefully or shamefully criminal; grossly wicked; scandalous; shameful; — said of acts, crimes, etc.

Debauched principles and flagitious practices.
I. Taylor.

2. Guilty of enormous crimes; corrupt; profligate; — said of persons. Pope.

3. Characterized by scandalous crimes or vices; as, flagitious times. Pope.

Syn. — Atrocious; villainous; flagrant; heinous; corrupt; profligate; abandoned. See Atrocious.

Fla*gi"tious*ly, adv.Fla*gi"tious*ness, n.

A sentence so flagitiously unjust.

(Flag"man) n.; pl. Flagmen One who makes signals with a flag.

(Flag"on) n. [F. flacon, for flascon, fr. OF. flasche, from LL. flasco. See Flask.] A vessel with a narrow mouth, used for holding and conveying liquors. It is generally larger than a bottle, and of leather or stoneware rather than of glass.

A trencher of mutton chops, and a flagon of ale.

(Fla"grance) n. Flagrancy. Bp. Hall.

(Fla"gran*cy) n.; pl. Flagrancies [L. flagrantia a burning. See Flagrant.]

1. A burning; great heat; inflammation. [Obs.]

Lust causeth a flagrancy in the eyes.

2. The condition or quality of being flagrant; atrocity; heiniousness; enormity; excess. Steele.

(Fla"grant) a. [L. flagrans, -antis, p. pr. of flagrate to burn, akin to Gr. : cf. F. flagrant. Cf. Flame, Phlox.]

1. Flaming; inflamed; glowing; burning; ardent.

The beadle's lash still flagrant on their back.

A young man yet flagrant from the lash of the executioner or the beadle.
De Quincey.

Flagrant desires and affections.

2. Actually in preparation, execution, or performance; carried on hotly; raging.

A war the most powerful of the native tribes was flagrant.

3. Flaming into notice; notorious; enormous; heinous; glaringly wicked.

Syn. — Atrocious; flagitious; glaring. See Atrocious.

(Fla"grant*ly), adv. In a flagrant manner.

(Fla"grate) v. t. [L. flagrare, flagratum, v.i. & t., to burn.] To burn. [Obs.] Greenhill.

(Fla*gra"tion) n. A conflagration. [Obs.]

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