Fishing fly, an artificial fly for fishing.Fishing line, a line used in catching fish.Fishing net, a net of various kinds for catching fish; including the bag net, casting net, drag net, landing net, seine, shrimping net, trawl, etc.Fishing rod, a long slender rod, to which is attached the line for angling.Fishing smack, a sloop or other small vessel used in sea fishing.Fishing tackle, apparatus used in fishing, as hook, line, rod, etc.Fishing tube(Micros.), a glass tube for selecting a microscopic object in a fluid.

Fish-bellied to Fit

(Fish"-bel`lied) a. Bellying or swelling out on the under side; as, a fish-bellied rail. Knight.

(Fish"-block`) n. See Fish- tackle.

(Fish"er) n. [AS. fiscere.]

1. One who fishes.

2. (Zoöl.) A carnivorous animal of the Weasel family (Mustela Canadensis); the pekan; the "black cat."

(Fish"er*man) n.; pl. Fishermen

1. One whose occupation is to catch fish.

2. (Naut.) A ship or vessel employed in the business of taking fish, as in the cod fishery.

(Fish"er*y) n.; pl. Fisheries

1. The business or practice of catching fish; fishing. Addison.

2. A place for catching fish.

3. (Law) The right to take fish at a certain place, or in particular waters. Abbott.

(Fish"ful) a. Abounding with fish. [R.] "My fishful pond." R. Carew.

(Fish"gig`) n. A spear with barbed prongs used for harpooning fish. Knight.

(Fish"hawk`) n. (Zoöl.) The osprey found both in Europe and America; — so called because it plunges into the water and seizes fishes in its talons. Called also fishing eagle, and bald buzzard.

(Fish"hook`) n.

1. A hook for catching fish.

2. (Naut.) A hook with a pendant, to the end of which the fish-tackle is hooked. Dana.

(Fish"i*fy) v. t. To change to fish. [R.] Shak.

(Fish"i*ness), n. The state or quality of being fishy or fishlike. Pennant.

(Fish"ing), n.

1. The act, practice, or art of one who fishes.

2. A fishery. Spenser.

(Fish"ing), a. [From Fishing, n.] Pertaining to fishing; used in fishery; engaged in fishing; as, fishing boat; fishing tackle; fishing village.

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