Finished work(Mach.), work that is made smooth or polished, though not necessarily completed.

(Fin"ish*er) n.

1. One who finishes, puts an end to, completes, or perfects; esp. used in the trades, as in hatting, weaving, etc., for the workman who gives a finishing touch to the work, or any part of it, and brings it to perfection.

O prophet of glad tidings, finisher
Of utmost hope!

2. Something that gives the finishing touch to, or settles, anything. [Colloq.]

(Fin"ish*ing), n. The act or process of completing or perfecting; the final work upon or ornamentation of a thing.

(Fin"ish*ing), a. Tending to complete or to render fit for the market or for use.

Finishing coat. (a) (Plastering) the final coat of plastering applied to walls and ceilings, usually white and rubbed smooth. (b) (Painting) The final coat of paint, usually differently mixed applied from the others.Finishing press, a machine for pressing fabrics.Finishing rolls(Iron Working), the rolls of a train which receive the bar from roughing rolls, and reduce it to its finished shape. Raymond.

(Fi"nite) a. [L. finitus, p. p. of finire. See Finish, and cf. Fine, a.] Having a limit; limited in quantity, degree, or capacity; bounded; — opposed to infinite; as, finite number; finite existence; a finite being; a finite mind; finite duration.

(Fi"nite*less), a. Infinite. [Obs.] Sir T. browne.

(Fi"nite*ly), adv. In a finite manner or degree.

(Fi"nite*ness), n. The state of being finite.

2. To end; to die. [R.] Shak.

(Fin"ish), n.

1. That which finishes, puts an end to or perfects.

2. (Arch.) The joiner work and other finer work required for the completion of a building, especially of the interior. See Inside finish, and Outside finish.

3. (Fine Arts) (a) The labor required to give final completion to any work; hence, minute detail, careful elaboration, or the like. (b) See Finishing coat, under Finishing.

4. The result of completed labor, as on the surface of an object; manner or style of finishing; as, a rough, dead, or glossy finish given to cloth, stone, metal, etc.

5. Completion; — opposed to start, or beginning.

(Fin"ished) a. Polished to the highest degree of excellence; complete; perfect; as, a finished poem; a finished education.

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