Finedraw to Finiteness

(Fine"draw`) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Finedrawn ; p. pr. & vb. n. Finedrawing.] To sew up, so nicely that the seam is not perceived; to renter. Marryat.

(Fine"draw`er) n. One who finedraws.

(Fine"drawn`) a. Drawn out with too much subtilty; overnice; as, finedrawn speculations.

(Fi*neer") v. i. To run in debt by getting goods made up in a way unsuitable for the use of others, and then threatening not to take them except on credit. [R.] Goldsmith.

(Fi*neer"), v. t. To veneer.

(Fine"less) a. [Fine end + -less.] Endless; boundless. [Obs.] Shak.

(Fine"ly), adv. In a fine or finished manner.

(Fine"ness), n. [From Fine, a.]

1. The quality or condition of being fine.

2. Freedom from foreign matter or alloy; clearness; purity; as, the fineness of liquor.

The fineness of the gold, and chargeful fashion.

3. The proportion of pure silver or gold in jewelry, bullion, or coins.

The fineness of United States coin is nine tenths, that of English gold coin is eleven twelfths, and that of English silver coin is &frac925x1000.

4. Keenness or sharpness; as, the fineness of a needle's point, or of the edge of a blade.

(Fin"er) n. One who fines or purifies.

(Fin"er*y) n.

1. Fineness; beauty. [Obs.]

Don't choose your place of study by the finery of the prospects.
I. Watts.

2. Ornament; decoration; especially, excecially decoration; showy clothes; jewels.

Her mistress' cast-off finery.
F. W. Robertson.

3. [Cf. Refinery.] (Iron Works) A charcoal hearth or furnace for the conversion of cast iron into wrought iron, or into iron suitable for puddling.

(Fine"spun`) a. Spun so as to be fine; drawn to a fine thread; attenuated; hence, unsubstantial; visionary; as, finespun theories.

(Fi`nesse") n. [F., fr. fin fine. See Fine, a.]

1. Subtilty of contrivance to gain a point; artifice; stratagem.

This is the artificialest piece of finesse to persuade men into slavery.

2. (Whist Playing) The act of finessing. See Finesse, v. i., 2.

(Fi*nesse") v. i. [imp. & p. p. Finessed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Finessing.]

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