Fibroid degeneration, a form of degeneration in which organs or tissues are converted into fibroid tissue.Fibroid phthists, a form of pulmonary consumption associated with the formation of fibrous tissue in the lungs, and the gradual atrophy of the lungs, from the pressure due to the contraction of this tissue.

(Fi"bro*in) n. [L. fibra a fiber.] (Chem.) A variety of gelatin; the chief ingredient of raw silk, extracted as a white amorphous mass.

(Fi"bro*lite) n. [L. fibra a fiber + -lite: cf. F. fibrolithe.] (Min.) A silicate of alumina, of fibrous or columnar structure. It is like andalusite in composition; — called also sillimanite, and bucholizite.

(||Fi*bro"ma) n. [NL. See Fiber, and -oma.] (Med.) A tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue, or of same modification of such tissue.

(||Fi`bro*spon"gi*æ) n. pl. [NL., fr. L. fibra a fiber + spongia a sponge.] (Zoöl.) An order of sponges having a fibrous skeleton, including the commercial sponges.

(Fi"brous) a. [Cf. F. fibreux.] Containing, or consisting of, fibers; as, the fibrous coat of the cocoanut; the fibrous roots of grasses.Fi"brous*ness, n.

(Fi`bro*vas"cu*lar) a. [L. fibra a fiber + E. vascular.] (Bot.) Containing woody fiber and ducts, as the stems of all flowering plants and ferns; — opposed to cellular.

(Fib"ster) n. One who tells fibs. [Jocular]

(||Fib"u*la) n.; pl. FibulÆ [L., clasp, buckle.]

1. A brooch, clasp, or buckle.

Mere fibulæ, without a robe to clasp.

2. (Anat.) The outer and usually the smaller of the two bones of the leg, or hind limb, below the knee.

3. (Surg.) A needle for sewing up wounds.

(Fib"u-lar) a. Pertaining to the fibula.

(||Fib`u*la"re) n.; pl. Fibularia [NL. See Fibula.] (Anat.) The bone or cartilage of the tarsus, which articulates with the fibula, and corresponds to the calcaneum in man and most mammals.

(Fice) n. A small dog; — written also fise, fyce, fiste, etc. [Southern U.S.]

(Fi*ché) a. (Her.) See FitchÉ.

(Fich"tel*ite) n. (Min.) A white crystallized mineral resin from the Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria.

(Fich"u) n. [F., neckerchief.] A light cape, usually of lace, worn by women, to cover the neck and throat, and extending to the shoulders.

Fibrochondrosteal to Field

(Fi`bro*chon*dros"te*al) a. [L. fibra a fiber + gr. cartilage + bone.] (Anat.) Partly fibrous, partly cartilaginous, and partly osseous. St. George Mivart.

(Fi"broid) a. [L. fibra a fiber + -oid.] (Med.) Resembling or forming fibrous tissue; made up of fibers; as, fibroid tumors. - - n. A fibroid tumor; a fibroma.

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