Azorean, or Sweet, fennel, It is a smaller and stouter plant than the common fennel, and is used as a pot herb.Dog's fennel a foul- smelling European weed; — called also mayweed.Fennel flower (Bot.), an herb (Nigella) of the Buttercup family, having leaves finely divided, like those of the fennel. N. Damascena is common in gardens. N. sativa furnishes the fennel seed, used as a condiment, etc., in India. These seeds are the "fitches" mentioned in Isaiah Fennel water(Med.), the distilled water of fennel seed. It is stimulant and carminative.Giant fennel has stems full of pith, which, it is said, were used to carry fire, first, by Prometheus.Hog's fennel, a European plant (Peucedanum officinale) looking something like fennel.

(Fen"nish) a. Abounding in fens; fenny.

(Fe*nes"trate) a. [L. fenestratus, p. p. of fenestrare to furnish with openings and windows.]

1. Having numerous openings; irregularly reticulated; as, fenestrate membranes; fenestrate fronds.

2. (Zoöl.) Having transparent spots, as the wings of certain butterflies.

(Fe*nes"tra*ted) a.

1. (Arch.) Having windows; characterized by windows.

2. Same as Fenestrate.

(Fen`es*tra"tion) n.

1. (Arch.) The arrangement and proportioning of windows; — used by modern writers for the decorating of an architectural composition by means of the window (and door) openings, their ornaments, and proportions.

2. (Anat.) The state or condition of being fenestrated.

(Fe*nes"trule) n. [L. fenestrula a little window, dim. of fenestra a window.] (Zoöl.) One of the openings in a fenestrated structure.

(Fen"gite) n. (Min.) A kind of marble or alabaster, sometimes used for windows on account of its transparency.

(Fe"ni*an) n. [From the Finians or Fenii, the old militia of Ireland, who were so called from Fin or Finn, Fionn, or Fingal, a popular hero of Irish traditional history.] A member of a secret organization, consisting mainly of Irishmen, having for its aim the overthrow of English rule in Ireland.

(Fe"ni*an) a. Pertaining to Fenians or to Fenianism.

(Fe"ni*an*ism) n. The principles, purposes, and methods of the Fenians.

(Fenks) n. The refuse whale blubber, used as a manure, and in the manufacture of Prussian blue. Ure.

(Fen"nec) n. [Ar. fanek.] (Zoöl.) A small, African, foxlike animal (Vulpes zerda) of a pale fawn color, remarkable for the large size of its ears.

(Fen"nel) n. [AS. fenol, finol, from L. feniculum, faeniculum, dim. of fenum, faenum, hay: cf. F. fenouil. Cf. Fenugreek. Finochio.] (Bot.) A perennial plant of the genus Fæniculum having very finely divided leaves. It is cultivated in gardens for the agreeable aromatic flavor of its seeds.

Smell of sweetest fennel.

A sprig of fennel was in fact the theological smelling bottle of the tender sex.
S. G. Goodrich.

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