(Feld"spar` Feld"spath`) , n. [G. feldspath; feld field + spath spar.] (Min.) A name given to a group of minerals, closely related in crystalline form, and all silicates of alumina with either potash, soda, lime, or, in one case, baryta. They occur in crystals and crystalline masses, vitreous in luster, and breaking rather easily in two directions at right angles to each other, or nearly so. The colors are usually white or nearly white, flesh-red, bluish, or greenish.

The group includes the monoclinic (orthoclastic) species orthoclase or common potash feldspar, and the rare hyalophane or baryta feldspar; also the triclinic species (called in general plagioclase) microcline, like orthoclase a potash feldspar; anorthite or lime feldspar; albite or soda feldspar; also intermediate between the last two species, labradorite, andesine, oligoclase, containing both lime and soda in varying amounts. The feldspars are essential constituents of nearly all crystalline rocks, as granite, gneiss, mica, slate, most kinds of basalt and trachyte, etc. The decomposition of feldspar has yielded a large part of the clay of the soil, also the mineral kaolin, an essential material in the making of fine pottery. Common feldspar is itself largely used for the same purpose.

(Feld*spath"ic Feld*spath"ose) , a. Pertaining to, or consisting of, feldspar.

(Fele) a. [AS. fela, feola; akin to G. viel, gr. . See Full, a.] Many. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Fe*lic"ify) v. t. [L. felix happy + -fy.] To make happy; to felicitate. [Obs.] Quarles.

(Fe*lic"i*tate) a. [L. felicitatus, p. p. of felicitare to felicitate, fr. felix, -icis, happy. See felicity.] Made very happy. [Archaic]

I am alone felicitate
In your dear highness' love.

(Fe*lic"i*tate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Felicitated ; p. pr. & vb. n. felicitating.] [Cf. F. féliciter.]

1. To make very happy; to delight.

What a glorious entertainment and pleasure would fill and felicitate his spirit.
I. Watts.

2. To express joy or pleasure to; to wish felicity to; to call or consider (one's self) happy; to congratulate.

Every true heart must felicitate itself that its lot is cast in this kingdom.
W. Howitt.

Syn. — See Congratulate.

(Fe*lic`i*ta"tion) n. [Cf. F. félicitation.] The act of felicitating; a wishing of joy or happiness; congratulation.

(Fe*lic"i*tous) a. Characterized by felicity; happy; prosperous; delightful; skillful; successful; happily applied or expressed; appropriate.

Felicitous words and images.
M. Arnold.

Fe*lic"i*tous*ly, adv.Fe*lic"i*tous*ness, n.

(Fe*lic"i*ty) n.; pl. Felicities [OE. felicite, F. félicité, fr. L. felicitas, fr. felix, -icis, happy, fruitful; akin to fetus.]

1. The state of being happy; blessedness; blissfulness; enjoyment of good.

Our own felicity we make or find.

Finally, after this life, to attain everlasting joy and felicity.
Book of Common Prayer.

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