Fatty acid(Chem.), any one of the paraffin series of monocarbonic acids, as formic acid, acetic, etc.; — so called because the higher members, as stearic and palmitic acids, occur in the natural fats, and are themselves fatlike substances.Fatty clays. See under Clay.Fatty degeneration(Med.), a diseased condition, in which the oil globules, naturally present in certain organs, are so multiplied as gradually to destroy and replace the efficient parts of these organs.Fatty heart, Fatty liver, etc. (Med.), a heart, liver, etc., which have been the subjects of fatty degeneration or infiltration.Fatty infiltration(Med.), a condition in which there is an excessive accumulation of fat in an organ, without destruction of any essential parts of the latter.Fatty tumor(Med.), a tumor consisting of fatty or adipose tissue; lipoma.

Fat-kidneyed to Favor

(Fat"-kid`neyed) a. Gross; lubberly.

Peace, ye fat-kidneyed rascal !

(Fat"ling) n. [Fat + - ling.] A calf, lamb, kid, or other young animal fattened for slaughter; a fat animal; — said of such animals as are used for food.

He sacrificed oxen and fatlings.
2 Sam. vi. 13.

(Fat"ly), adv. Grossly; greasily.

(Fat"ner) n. One who fattens. [R.] See Fattener. Arbuthnit.

(Fat"ness), n.

1. The quality or state of being fat, plump, or full-fed; corpulency; fullness of flesh.

Their eyes stand out with fatness.
Ps. lxxiii. 7.

2. Hence; Richness; fertility; fruitfulness.

Rich in the fatness of her plenteous soil.

3. That which makes fat or fertile.

The clouds drop fatness.

(Fat"ten) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Fattened ; p. pr. & vb. n. Fattening ] [See Fat, v. t.]

1. To make fat; to feed for slaughter; to make fleshy or plump with fat; to fill full; to fat.

2. To make fertile and fruitful; to enrich; as, to fatten land; to fatten fields with blood. Dryden.

(Fat"ten), v. i. To grow fat or corpulent; to grow plump, thick, or fleshy; to be pampered.

And villains fatten with the brave man's labor.

(Fat"ten*er) n. One who, or that which, fattens; that which gives fatness or fertility.

(Fat"ti*ness) n. State or quality of being fatty.

(Fat"tish) a. Somewhat fat; inclined to fatness.

Coleridge, a puffy, anxious, obstructed-looking, fattish old man.

(Fat"ty) a. Containing fat, or having the qualities of fat; greasy; gross; as, a fatty substance.

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