Eyelet hole, a hole made for an eyelet.Eyelet punch, a machine for punching eyelet holes and fastening eyelets, as in paper or cloth.Eyelet ring. See Eyelet, 2.

(Eye`let*eer") n. A small, sharp-pointed instrument used in piercing eyelet holes; a stiletto.

(Eye"bar`) n. (Engin.) A bar with an eye at one or both ends.

(Eye"beam`) n. A glance of the eye. Shak.

(Eye"bolt`) n. (Mach.) A bolt with a looped head, or an opening in the head.

(Eye"bright`) n. (Bot.) A small annual plant formerly much used as a remedy for diseases of the eye.

(Eye"brow`) n. The brow or hairy arch above the eye. Shak.

(Eye"cup`) n. A small oval porcelain or glass cup, having a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye. it is used in the application of liquid remedies to eyes; — called also eyeglass.

(Eyed) a. Heaving (such or so many) eyes; — used in composition; as, sharp-eyed; dull- eyed; sad- eyed; ox-eyed Juno; myriad- eyed.

(Eye"drop") n. A tear. [Poetic] Shak.

(Eye"flap") n. A blinder on a horse's bridle.

(Eye"ful) a. Filling or satisfying the eye; visible; remarkable. [Obs.] "Eyeful trophies." Chapman.

(Eye"glance`) n. A glance of eye.

(Eye"glass`) n.

1. A lens of glass to assist the sight. Eyeglasses are used singly or in pairs.

2. Eyepiece of a telescope, microscope, etc.

3. The retina. [Poetic]

4. A glass eyecup. See Eyecup.

(Eye"hole`) n. A circular opening to recive a hook, cord, ring, or rope; an eyelet.

(Eye"lash`) n.

1. The fringe of hair that edges the eyelid; — usually in the pl.

2. A hair of the fringe on the edge of the eyelid.

(Eye"less`) a. Without eyes; blind. "Eyeless rage." Shak.

(Eye"let`) n. [F. œillet, dim. of œil eye, fr. L. oculus. See Eye, and cf. Oillet.]

1. A small hole or perforation to receive a cord or fastener, as in garments, sails, etc.

2. A metal ring or grommet, or short metallic tube, the ends of which can be bent outward and over to fasten it in place; — used to line an eyelet hole.

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