Exciting causes(Med.), those which immediately produce disease, or those which excite the action of predisposing causes.

(Ex*cit"ive) a. Serving or tending to excite; excitative. [R.] Bamfield.

(Ex*cit"ive), n. That which excites; an excitant. [R.]

(Ex*ci`to-mo"tion) n. (Physiol.) Motion excited by reflex nerves. See Excito-motory.

(Ex*ci`to-mo"tor) a. (Physiol.) Excito-motory; as, excito-motor power or causes.

(Ex*ci`to-mo"to*ry) a. (Physiol.) Exciting motion; — said of that portion of the nervous system concerned in reflex actions, by which impressions are transmitted to a nerve center and then reflected back so as to produce muscular contraction without sensation or volition.

(Ex*ci`to-nu"tri*ent) a (Physiol.) Exciting nutrition; said of the reflex influence by which the nutritional processes are either excited or modified.

(Ex*ci`to-se*cre"to*ry) a. (Physiol.) Exciting secretion; — said of the influence exerted by reflex action on the function of secretion, by which the various glands are excited to action.

(Ex*claim") v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Exclaimed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Exclaiming.] [L. exclamare, exclamatum; ex + clamare to cry out; cf. OF. exclamer. See Clam.] To cry out from earnestness or passion; to utter with vehemence; to call out or declare loudly; to protest vehemently; to vociferate; to shout; as, to exclaim against oppression with wonder or astonishment; "The field is won!" he exclaimed.

(Ex*claim"), n. Outcry; clamor. [Archaic]

Cursing cries and deep exclaims.

(Ex*cite"ment) n. [Cf. OF. excitement, escitement.]

1. The act of exciting, or the state of being roused into action, or of having increased action; impulsion; agitation; as, an excitement of the people.

2. That which excites or rouses; that which moves, stirs, or induces action; a motive.

The cares and excitements of a season of transition and struggle.

3. (Physiol.) A state of aroused or increased vital activity in an organism, or any of its organs or tissues.

(Ex*cit"er) n. One who, or that which, excites.

Hope is the grand exciter of industry.
Dr. H. More.

(Ex*cit"ing), a. Calling or rousing into action; producing excitement; as, exciting events; an exciting story.Ex*cit"ing*ly, adv.

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