Examination in chief, or Direct examination(Law), that examination which is made of a witness by a party calling him.Cross- examination, that made by the opposite party.Reëxamination, or Re-direct examination, that made by a party calling a witness, after, and upon matters arising out of, the cross- examination.

Syn. — Search; inquiry; investigation; research; scrutiny; inquisition; inspection; exploration.

(Ex*am"i*na`tor) n. [L.: cf. F. examinateur.] An examiner. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

1. The act of exalting or raising high; also, the state of being exalted; elevation.

Wondering at my flight, and change
To this high exaltation.

2. (Alchem.) The refinement or subtilization of a body, or the increasing of its virtue or principal property.

3. (Astrol.) That place of a planet in the zodiac in which it was supposed to exert its strongest influence.

(Ex*alt"ed) a. Raised to lofty height; elevated; extolled; refined; dignified; sublime.

Wiser far than Solomon,
Of more exalted mind.

Time never fails to bring every exalted reputation to a strict scrutiny.

Ex*alt"ed*ly, adv.Ex*alt"ed*ness, n. "The exaltedness of some minds." T. Gray.

(Ex*alt"er) n. One who exalts or raises to dignity.

(Ex*alt"ment) n. Exaltation. [Obs.] Barrow.

(Ex*a"men) n. [L., the tongue of a balance, examination; for exagmen, fr. exigere to weigh accurately, to treat: cf. F. examen. See Exact, a.] Examination; inquiry. [R.] "A critical examen of the two pieces." Cowper.

(Ex*am"e*tron) n. [NL. See Hexameter.] An hexameter. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Ex*am"i*na*ble) a. Capable of being examined or inquired into. Bacon.

(Ex*am"i*nant) n. [L. examinans, -antis, examining.]

1. One who examines; an examiner. Sir W. Scott.

2. One who is to be examined. [Obs.] H. Prideaux.

(Ex*am"i*nate) n. [L. examinatus, p. p. of examinare. See Examine. ] A person subjected to examination. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Ex*am`i*na"tion) n. [L. examinatio: cf. F. examination.]

1. The act of examining, or state of being examined; a careful search, investigation, or inquiry; scrutiny by study or experiment.

2. A process prescribed or assigned for testing qualification; as, the examination of a student, or of a candidate for admission to the bar or the ministry.

He neglected the studies, . . . stood low at the examinations.

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