Every each, every one. [Obs.] "Every each of them hath some vices." Burton..Every now and then, at short intervals; occasionally; repeatedly; frequently. [Colloq.]

(Ev`er*last"ing*ly), adv. In an everlasting manner.

(Ev`er*last"ing*ness), n. The state of being everlasting; endless duration; indefinite duration.

(Ev`er*liv"ing) a.

1. Living always; immoral; eternal; as, the everliving God.

2. Continual; incessant; unintermitted.

(Ev`er*more") adv. During eternity; always; forever; for an indefinite period; at all times; — often used substantively with for.

Seek the Lord . . . Seek his face evermore.
Ps. cv. 4.

And, behold, I am alive for evermore.
Rev. i. 18.

Which flow from the presence of God for evermore.

I evermore did love you, Hermia.

(E*ver"nic) a. (Chem.) Pertaining to Evernia, a genus of lichens; as, evernic acid.

(E*verse") v. t. [L. eversus, p. p. of evertere to turn out, overthrow; e out + vertere to turn. Cf. Evert.] To overthrow or subvert. [Obs.] Glanvill.

(E*ver"sion) n. [L. eversio: cf. F. éversion.]

1. The act of eversing; destruction. Jer. Taylor.

2. The state of being turned back or outward; as, eversion of eyelids; ectropium.

(E*ver"sive) a. Tending to evert or overthrow; subversive; with of.

A maxim eversive . . . of all justice and morality.

(E*vert") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Everted; p. pr. & vb. n. Everting.] [L. evertere. See Everse.]

1. To overthrow; to subvert. [R.] Ayliffe.

2. To turn outwards, or inside out, as an intestine.

(Ev"er*y) a. & a. pron. [OE. everich, everilk; AS. &aemacrfre ever + ælc each. See Ever, each.]

1. All the parts which compose a whole collection or aggregate number, considered in their individuality, all taken separately one by one, out of an indefinite number.

Every man at his best state is altogether vanity.
Ps. xxxix. 5.

Every door and window was adorned with wreaths of flowers.

2. Every one. Cf. Each. [Obs.] "Every of your wishes." Shak.

Daily occasions given to every of us.

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