Esculent swallow(Zoöl.), the swallow which makes the edible bird's-nest. See Edible bird's- nest, under Edible.

(Es"cu*lent), n. Anything that is fit for eating; that which may be safely eaten by man.

(Es*cu"lic) a. [From NL. Aesculus, the generic name of the horse-chestnut, fr. L. aesculus a kind of oak.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the horse-chestnut; as, esculic acid.

(Es*cu"lin) n. [See Esculic.] (Chem.) A glucoside obtained from the Æsculus hippocastanum, or horse-chestnut, and characterized by its fine blue fluorescent solutions. [Written also æsculin.]

(Es*cot") n. [OF.] See Scot, a tax. [Obs.]

(Es*cot"), v. t. To pay the reckoning for; to support; to maintain. [Obs.] Shak.

(||Es`couade") n. See Squad,

(Es*cout") n. See Scout. [Obs.] Hayward.

(Es*cribed") a. [L. e out, out of + scribere to write.] Drawn outside of; — used to designate a circle that touches one of the sides of a given triangle, and also the other two sides produced.

(Es"cript) n. [OF.] A writing. [Obs.]

(Es`cri*toire") n. [OF. escritoire, F. écritoire, LL. scriptorium, fr. L. scriptorius belonging to writing, fr. sribere to write. See Script, and cf. Scrutoire.] A piece of furniture used as a writing table, commonly with drawers, pigeonholes, and the like; a secretary or writing desk.

(Es`cri*to"ri*al) a. Of or pertaining to an escritoire.

(Es*crod") n. See Scrod, a young cod.

(Es*crol", Es*croll") n. [See Escrow, Scroll.]

1. A scroll. [Obs.]

2. (Her.) (a) A long strip or scroll resembling a ribbon or a band of parchment, or the like, anciently placed above the shield, and supporting the crest. (b) In modern heraldry, a similar ribbon on which the motto is inscribed.

(Es"crow) n. [OF. escroe, escroue, a roll of writings, bond. See Scroll.] (Law) A deed, bond, or other written engagement, delivered to a third person, to be held by him till some act is done or some condition is performed, and then to be by him delivered to the grantee. Blackstone.

(Es"cu*age) n. [OF. escuage, F. écuage, from OF. escu shield, F. écu. See Esquire.] (Feud. Law) Service of the shield, a species of knight service by which a tenant was bound to follow his lord to war, at his own charge. It was afterward exchanged for a pecuniary satisfaction. Called also scutage. Blackstone.

(Es`cu*la"pi*an) n. Æsculapian.

(Es`cu*la"pi*us) n. Same as Æsculapius.

(Es"cu*lent) a. [L. esculentus, fr. escare to eat, fr. esca food, fr. edere to eat: cf. F. esculent. See Eat.] Suitable to be used by man for food; eatable; edible; as, esculent plants; esculent fish.

Esculent grain for food.
Sir W. Jones.

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