(En*fran"chis*er) n. One who enfranchises.

(En*free") v. t. To set free. [Obs.] "The enfreed Antenor." Shak.

(En*free"dom) v. t. To set free. [Obs.] Shak.

(En*freeze") v. t. To freeze; to congeal. [Obs.]

Thou hast enfrozened her disdainful breast.

(En*fro"ward) v. t. To make froward, perverse, or ungovernable. [Obs.] Sir E. Sandys.

(En*gage") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Engaged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Engaging ] [F. engager; pref. en- (L. in) + gage pledge, pawn. See Gage.]

1. To put under pledge; to pledge; to place under obligations to do or forbear doing something, as by a pledge, oath, or promise; to bind by contract or promise. "I to thee engaged a prince's word." Shak.

2. To gain for service; to bring in as associate or aid; to enlist; as, to engage friends to aid in a cause; to engage men for service.

3. To gain over; to win and attach; to attract and hold; to draw.

Good nature engages everybody to him.

4. To employ the attention and efforts of; to occupy; to engross; to draw on.

Thus shall mankind his guardian care engage.

Taking upon himself the difficult task of engaging him in conversation.

5. To enter into contest with; to encounter; to bring to conflict.

A favorable opportunity of engaging the enemy.

6. (Mach.) To come into gear with; as, the teeth of one cogwheel engage those of another, or one part of a clutch engages the other part.

(En*gage"), v. i.

1. To promise or pledge one's self; to enter into an obligation; to become bound; to warrant.

How proper the remedy for the malady, I engage not.

2. To embark in a business; to take a part; to employ or involve one's self; to devote attention and effort; to enlist; as, to engage in controversy.

3. To enter into conflict; to join battle; as, the armies engaged in a general battle.

4. (Mach.) To be in gear, as two cogwheels working together.

(En*gaged") a.

1. Occupied; employed; busy.

2. Pledged; promised; especially, having the affections pledged; promised in marriage; affianced; betrothed.

3. Greatly interested; of awakened zeal; earnest.

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