(Em*broid"er*y) n.; pl. Embroideries

1. Needlework used to enrich textile fabrics, leather, etc.; also, the art of embroidering.

2. Diversified ornaments, especially by contrasted figures and colors; variegated decoration.

Fields in spring's embroidery are dressed.

A mere rhetorical embroidery of phrases.
J. A. Symonds.

(Em*broil") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Embroiled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Embroiling.] [F. embrouiller; pref. em- (L. in) + brouiller. See 1st Broil, and cf. Imbroglio.]

1. To throw into confusion or commotion by contention or discord; to entangle in a broil or quarrel; to make confused; to distract; to involve in difficulties by dissension or strife.

The royal house embroiled in civil war.

2. To implicate in confusion; to complicate; to jumble.

The Christian antiquities at Rome . . . are so embroiled with able and legend.

Syn. — To perplex; entangle; distract; disturb; disorder; trouble; implicate; commingle.

(Em*broil"), n. See Embroilment.

(Em*broil"er) n. One who embroils.

(Em*broil"ment) n. [Cf. F. embrouillement.] The act of embroiling, or the condition of being embroiled; entanglement in a broil. Bp. Burnet.

(Em*bronze") v. t.

1. To embody in bronze; to set up a bronze representation of, as of a person. [Poetic]

2. To color in imitation of bronze. See Bronze, v. t.

(Em*broth"el) v. t. To inclose in a brothel. [Obs.] Donne.

(Em*broud"e Em*browd"e), Embroyde
(Em*broyd"e) , v. t. To embroider; to adorn. [Obs.]

Embrowded was he, as it were a mead
All full of fresshe flowers, white and red.

(Em*brown") v. t. [Pref. em- (L. in) + brown.] To give a brown color to; to imbrown.

Summer suns embrown the laboring swain.

(Em*brue") v. t. See Imbrue, Embrew. [Obs.]

(Em*brute") v. t. [Pref. em- (L. in) + brute. Cf. Imbrute.] To brutify; to imbrute.

All the man embruted in the swine.

(Em"bry*o) n.; pl. Embryos [F. embryon, Gr. 'e`mbryon, perh. fr. in (akin to L. E. in) + to be full of, swell with; perh. akin to E. brew.] (Biol.) The first rudiments of an organism, whether animal or plant; as: (a) The young of an animal in the womb, or more specifically, before its parts are developed

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