2. Excessive love and thought of self; the habit of regarding one's self as the center of every interest; selfishness; — opposed to altruism.

(E"go*ist), n. [F. égoïste. See Egoism.]

1. One given overmuch to egoism or thoughts of self.

I, dullard egoist, taking no special recognition of such nobleness.

2. (Philos.) A believer in egoism.

(E`go*is"tic E`go*is"tic*al) a. Pertaining to egoism; imbued with egoism or excessive thoughts of self; self-loving.

Ill-natured feeling, or egoistic pleasure in making men miserable.
G. Eliot.

(E`go*is"tic*al*ly), adv. In an egoistic manner.

(E*go"i*ty) n. Personality. [R.] Swift.

(E"go*mism) n. Egoism. [R.] A. Baxter.

(E`go*phon"ic) a. Belonging to, or resembling, egophony.

(E*goph"o*ny) n. [Gr. goat + voice.] (Med.) The sound of a patient's voice so modified as to resemble the bleating of a goat, heard on applying the ear to the chest in certain diseases within its cavity, as in pleurisy with effusion.

(E"go*the`ism) n. [Gr. 'egw` I + qeo`s God.] The deification of self. [R.]

(E"go*tism) n. [L. ego I + ending -tism for -ism, prob. influenced by other English words in - tism fr. the Greek, where t is not part of the ending, as baptism. See Egoism.] The practice of too frequently using the word I; hence, a speaking or writing overmuch of one's self; self-exaltation; self-praise; the act or practice of magnifying one's self or parading one's own doings. The word is also used in the sense of egoism.

His excessive egotism, which filled all objects with himself.

Syn.Egotism, Self-conceit, Vanity, Egoism. Self-conceit is an overweening opinion of one's talents, capacity, attractions, etc.; egotism is the acting out of self-conceit, or self-importance, in words and exterior conduct; vanity is inflation of mind arising from the idea of being thought highly of by others. It shows itself by its eagerness to catch the notice of others. Egoism is a state in which the feelings are concentrated on one's self. Its expression is egotism.

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