Dotage to Double-entendre

(Do"tage) n. [From Dote, v. i.]

1. Feebleness or imbecility of understanding or mind, particularly in old age; the childishness of old age; senility; as, a venerable man, now in his dotage.

Capable of distinguishing between the infancy and the dotage of Greek literature.

2. Foolish utterance; drivel.

The sapless dotages of old Paris and Salamanca.

3. Excessive fondness; weak and foolish affection.

The dotage of the nation on presbytery.
Bp. Burnet.

(Do"tal) a. [L. dotalis, fr. dos, dotis, dowry: cf. F. dotal. See Dot dowry.] Pertaining to dower, or a woman's marriage portion; constituting dower, or comprised in it. Garth.

(Do"tant) n. A dotard. [Obs.] Shak.

(Do"tard) n. [Dote, v. i.] One whose mind is impaired by age; one in second childhood.

The sickly dotard wants a wife.

(Do"tard*ly), a. Foolish; weak. Dr. H. More.

(Do"ta*ry) n. A dotard's weakness; dotage. [Obs.] Drayton.

(Do*ta"tion) n. [LL. dotatio, fr. L. dotare to endow, fr. dos, dotis, dower: cf. F. dotation. See Dot dowry.]

1. The act of endowing, or bestowing a marriage portion on a woman.

2. Endowment; establishment of funds for support, as of a hospital or eleemosynary corporation. Blackstone.

(Dote) n. [See Dot dowry.]

1. A marriage portion. [Obs.] See 1st Dot, n. Wyatt.

2. pl. Natural endowments. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Dote), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Doted; p. pr. & vb. n. Doting.] [OE. doten; akin to OD. doten, D. dutten, to doze, Icel. dotta to nod from sleep, MHG. tzen to keep still: cf. F. doter, OF. radoter which are from the same source.] [Written also doat.]

1. To act foolishly. [Obs.]

He wol make him doten anon right.

2. To be weak-minded, silly, or idiotic; to have the intellect impaired, especially by age, so that the mind wanders or wavers; to drivel.

Time has made you dote, and vainly tell
Of arms imagined in your lonely cell.

He survived the use of his reason, grew infatuated, and doted long before he died.

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