Dogtooth spar(Min.), a variety of calcite, in acute crystals, resembling the tooth of a dog. See Calcite.Dogtooth violet(Bot.), a small, bulbous herb of the Lily family (genus Erythronium). It has two shining flat leaves and commonly one large flower. [Written also dog's-tooth violet.]

(Dog"trick`) n. A gentle trot, like that of a dog.

(Dog"vane`) n. (Naut.) A small vane of bunting, feathers, or any other light material, carried at the masthead to indicate the direction of the wind. Totten.

(Dog"watch`) n. (Naut.) A half watch; a watch of two hours, of which there are two, the first dogwatch from 4 to 6 o'clock, p. m., and the second dogwatch from 6 to 8 o'clock, p. m. Totten.

(Dog"-wea`ry) a. Extremely weary. Shak.

(Dog"wood`) n. [So named from skewers (dags) being made of it. Dr. Prior. See Dag, and Dagger.] (Bot.) The Cornus, a genus of large shrubs or small trees, the wood of which is exceedingly hard, and serviceable for many purposes.

There are several species, one of which, Cornus mascula, called also cornelian cherry, bears a red acid berry. C. florida is the flowering dogwood, a small American tree with very showy blossoms.

Dogwood tree. (a) The dogwood or Cornus. (b) A papilionaceous tree (Piscidia erythrina) growing in Jamaica. It has narcotic properties; — called also Jamaica dogwood.

(Doh"tren) n. pl. Daughters. [Obs.]

(Dog"shore`) n. (Naut.) One of several shores used to hold a ship firmly and prevent her moving while the blocks are knocked away before launching.

(Dog"sick`) a. Sick as a dog sometimes is very sick. [Colloq.]

(Dog"skin) n. The skin of a dog, or leather made of the skin. Also used adjectively.

(Dog"sleep`) n.

1. Pretended sleep. Addison.

2. (Naut.) The fitful naps taken when all hands are kept up by stress.

Dog's-tail grass
(Dog's"-tail grass`) n. (Bot.) A hardy species of British grass (Cynosurus cristatus) which abounds in grass lands, and is well suited for making straw plait; — called also goldseed.

Dog Star
(Dog" Star`) Sirius, a star of the constellation Canis Major, or the Greater Dog, and the brightest star in the heavens; — called also Canicula, and, in astronomical charts, &alpha Canis Majoris. See Dog days.

(Dog's"-tongue`) n. (Bot.) Hound's-tongue.

(Dog"tie`) n. (Arch.) A cramp.

(Dog"tooth`) n.; pl. Dogteeth

1. See Canine tooth, under Canine.

2. (Arch.) An ornament common in Gothic architecture, consisting of pointed projections resembling teeth; — also called tooth ornament.

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