(Dil`a*ta"tion) n. [OE. dilatacioun, F. dilatation, L. dilatatio, fr. dilatare. See Dilate, and cf. 2d Dilation.]

1. Prolixity; diffuse discourse. [Obs.] "What needeth greater dilatation?" Chaucer.

2. The act of dilating; expansion; an enlarging on al sides; the state of being dilated; dilation.

3. (Anat.) A dilation or enlargement of a canal or other organ.

(||Dil`a*ta"tor) n. [NL. Cf. L. dilatator a propagator.] (Anat.) A muscle which dilates any part; a dilator.

(Di*late") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dilated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Dilating ] [L. dilatare; either fr. di- = dis- + latus wide, not the same word as latus, used as p. p. of ferre to bear (see Latitude); or fr. dilatus, used as p. p. of differre to separate (see Delay, Tolerate, Differ, and cf. Dilatory): cf. F. dilater.]

1. To expand; to distend; to enlarge or extend in all directions; to swell; — opposed to contract; as, the air dilates the lungs; air is dilated by increase of heat.

2. To enlarge upon; to relate at large; to tell copiously or diffusely. [R.]

Do me the favor to dilate at full
What hath befallen of them and thee till now.

Syn. — To expand; swell; distend; enlarge; spread out; amplify; expatiate.

(Di*late"), v. i.

1. To grow wide; to expand; to swell or extend in all directions.

His heart dilates and glories in his strength.

2. To speak largely and copiously; to dwell in narration; to enlarge; — with on or upon.

But still on their ancient joys dilate.

(Di*late"), a. Extensive; expanded. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Di*lat"ed), a.

1. Expanded; enlarged. Shak.

2. (Bot.) Widening into a lamina or into lateral winglike appendages.

3. (Zoöl.) Having the margin wide and spreading.

(Di*lat"ed*ly), adv. In a dilated manner. Feltham.

(Di*lat"er) n. One who, or that which, dilates, expands, or enlarges.

(Di*la"tion) n. [L. dilatio. See Dilatory.] Delay. [Obs.] Bp. Hall.

(Di*la"tion), n. [From dilate, v., cf. Dilatation, Dilator.] The act of dilating, or the state of being dilated; expansion; dilatation. Mrs. Browning.

At first her eye with slow dilation rolled.

A gigantic dilation of the hateful figure.

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