Diastem to Diclinous

(Di"a*stem) n. [L. diastema, Gr. fr. : cf. F. diastème.] (a) Intervening space; interval. (b) (Anc. Mus.) An interval.

(||Di`a*ste"ma) n. [L. See Diastem.] (Anat.) A vacant space, or gap, esp. between teeth in a jaw.

(Di*as"ter) n. [Gr. di- = di`s- twice + star.] (Biol.) A double star; — applied to the nucleus of a cell, when, during cell division, the loops of the nuclear network separate into two groups, preparatory to the formation of two daughter nuclei. See Karyokinesis.

(||Di*as"to*le) n. [L., fr. Gr. fr. to put asunder, to separate; dia` through + to set, to place.]

1. (Physiol.) The rhythmical expansion or dilatation of the heart and arteries; — correlative to systole, or contraction.

2. (Gram.) A figure by which a syllable naturally short is made long.

(Di`as*tol"ic) a. (Physiol.) Of or pertaining to diastole.

(Di"a*style) n. [L. diastylus, Gr. dia` through, asunder + pillar, column: cf. F. diastyle.] (Arch.) See under Intercolumniation.

(||Di`a*tes"sa*ron) n. [L., fr. Gr. (sc. ); dia` through + gen. of four (sc. .).]

1. (Anc. Mus.) The interval of a fourth.

2. (Theol.) A continuous narrative arranged from the first four books of the New Testament.

3. An electuary compounded of four medicines.

(Di`a*ther"mal) a. [Gr. thoroughly warm; dia` through + warm, hot. Cf. Diathermous.] Freely permeable by radiant heat.

(Di`a*ther"man*cy Di`a*ther`ma*ne"i*ty) n. [See Diathermanous.] The property of transmitting radiant heat; the quality of being diathermous. Melloni.

(Di`a*ther"ma*nism) n. The doctrine or the phenomena of the transmission of radiant heat. Nichol.

(Di`a*ther"ma*nous) a. [Gr. to warm through; dia` through + to warm, warm.] Having the property of transmitting radiant heat; diathermal; — opposed to athermanous.

(Di`a*ther"mic) a. Affording a free passage to heat; as, diathermic substances. Melloni.

(Di`a*ther*mom"e*ter) n. [Gr. warm + -meter. See Diathermal.] (Physics) An instrument for examining the thermal resistance or heat- conducting power of liquids.

(Di`a*ther"mous) a. Same as Diathermal.

(||Di*ath"e*sis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. fr. to place separately, arrange; dia` through, asunder + to place, put.] (Med.) Bodily condition or constitution, esp. a morbid habit which predisposes to a particular disease, or class of diseases.

(Di`a*thet"ic) a. Pertaining to, or dependent on, a diathesis or special constitution of the body; as, diathetic disease.

(Di"a*tom) n. [Gr. dia`tomos cut in two. See Diatomous.]

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